Got Coloured Hair? Here Are The Shampoo Rules to Live By

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Do you know how to use shampoo? You probably think that’s a stupid question, but if you want your hair to look and feel gorgeous and healthy, you have to choose the right products and you need to get your shampooing technique on point. This is really important if you colour you hair. The right shampoo will keep your colour looking vibrant for longer, and who wouldn’t want that when you invest so much time and money in it?

If you’ve got coloured hair, here are the shampoo rules to live by.

Think about whether you really need to shampoo as often

Do you really need to wash your hair every day? Even if you use a moisturising shampoo, exposing your hair to heat styling and the rigours of washing every day can make it brittle and cause colour fade. Wash your hair a little less often and make strategic use of dry shampoo, hair accessories, and different hair styles to extend your blow dry by a day or two.

Find the right shampoo

If you think you have limp, oily, frizzy, or dry lacklustre hair, you might not have problem hair, it might be your products that are causing the problem. To find the right shampoo for you, think about what your main hair problem is and choose a product that’s formulated for that. For example, for dry, damaged hair, choose a nourishing and strengthening product like Aveda damage remedy™ restructuring shampoo.

If you are worried about your colour fading, try a colour-protecting product like Aveda color conserve™ shampoo.

Get your shampooing technique on point

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that more shampoo and lather means that your hair is going to be cleaner, it’s not true. You probably need less product than you think! If you have short hair, you need a dollop that’s about the size of an olive and just a bit more on longer hair. Make sure your hair is wet through then massage some shampoo into your scalp gently. Rinse through then repeat, this time, working the shampoo down the lengths of the hair with the fingers. Try not to rub, just massage the product down your strands with your fingertips.


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