Hair extensions FAQ's

Aveda professionals understand how to listen to your needs and provide you with a thorough consultation so you can be comfortable and confident during your salon experience.

Here are some hair extensions FAQ’s :


  • Properly fitted hair extensions can change the way you look and feel about yourself
  • They instantly give thicker, added volume to lifeless thin hair
  • They instantly add great length to your hair
  • They give you a change of colour without colouring your own hair

We will match all extensions perfectly to your hair weight and colour so you get a very natural look.  That is the difference with good extensions.

Hair extensions last for 3 months with on-going retouches.

You can treat hair extensions like your own hair.  It may take longer to wash and dry.

This depends on whether you’re having a full head, partial head or just a few strands. It can take anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Contact Us and we will give you a clearer guide as to how long you personally need to set aside.

No, as long as the extensions are applied properly. All our team is a fully trained Hair Extension Technicians with years of experience in a full range of methods.

Yes, you can style using straighteners, hair dryers, tongs and heated rollers.

A specially formulated solution is applied to the bond and then combed through to remove.

Hair extensions can be uncomfortable for the first night or so, but this will ease in time as the extensions relax.

Extensions can damage the natural hair if they are not looked after and maintained accordingly. Details of how to do this will be given to you during consultation.

Touch up appointments are an hour-long every four to eight weeks depending on the speed of your hair growth, this appointment cost £65 but that’s only for the hour if the extensions aren’t maintained correctly this may take longer and I charge an extra £10 every half hour on top.


Hair extensions can help you create your dream hair on your big day with fuller, thicker and longer locks that feel and look completely natural. Make sure you opt for the best quality hair extensions brand and go to a reputable salon that specialise in hair extensions. I use Great Lengths hair extensions which is renowned as being the ‘Rolls Royce’ of hair extensions. Whether you need that extra length, volume, fade-free highlights or texture, they’ll give you healthy, lustrous locks to help create the perfect hair on your special day.

I always recommend my clients have their hair extensions applied at least 2-3 weeks prior to their wedding day, so make sure you go in for your initial consultation as early as possible. This will give enough time to prepare your wedding hair extensions to suit you, and also trial your chosen hairstyle before the big day. If you are planning to have colour, make sure you have this done first before you go in for your initial hair extensions consultation, so that your specialist does an exact hair colour match.

Because the extensions are applied in small sectioned strands (micro bonds) and not large wefts or clip-ins, the visible bump that cheaper extensions create is gone. The beauty of good quality, 100% natural human hair.

Following just a few simple guidelines and a little extra care in your hair care regime will keep your wedding hair extensions looking fabulous throughout their lifespan (up to 4 months). If you are going to a hot climate country for your honeymoon, you can wear your hair up, down, style and even swim with them. Make sure you use quality aftercare products for longer lasting results. All aftercare information and products should be discussed with you by your extensions specialist, at the initial consultation and after the application of your hair extensions.

Simply put, No! When applied by a professionally trained and certified specialist, the wedding hair extensions will not damage your hair. The strands are applied using a patented bond, which mimics the structure keratin (a natural component of human hair) and is simply moulded around your hair. Unlike other extensions that are attached with synthetic glues, waxes and clamps, the Great Lengths bond is easily removed with a special removal gel a trained professional at the salon, causing no damage to your own natural hair.

I will give you an exact price on consultation, as the cost depends on the quantity and length of hair extensions required in order to achieve the desired look. Our starting price is around £300. We also offer special bridal hair packages which includes hair extensions, wedding hair trials, colour, nail services and on-location services. Great lengths allow you the freedom to style the hair as if it were your own giving you endless styling options including a casual, modern or traditional look.


So you want to get hair extensions but you’ve heard all the horror stories and you’re terrified you’ll end up bald. Well, if you don’t do your homework then this may happen! Read our tips on having beautiful hair using hair extensions without damaging your hair.

Always, always, always have a consultation, the consultation needs to be thorough, it is the stylist opportunity to assess your hair, needs and expectations, and more importantly whether your hair is suitable for extension.


Once you have decided on extensions you should be given a price for the complete package what it includes. We include a free maintenance check up and first free wash. It gives us the opportunity to have a chat with you, and making sure you are happy with everything. Then we teach you how to shampoo / blow dry and style your hair extensions (we don’t expect you to know what to do). By spending this time it makes you feel a lot more confidant in looking after them.


Never ever, remove your own hair extensions. You will damage your hair, you may even end up with bald patches. Depending on the system depends on the procedure of the removal and lotions, unfortunately hair extensions get blamed for damaging the hair, but if you remove them yourself, this will happen.

Our charge of £80 to remove your hair extensions it can take us just as long to remove carefully than what it does to put them in. Consider all of this when thinking of hair extensions. I spend a lot of time removing as this is where the damage can occur if not done correctly.


A. A lace front wig is wig with a natural looking skin thin lace or from ear to ear mimicking hair coming from your scalp. Each hair has been knotted into the lace to give a natural look like the hair growing from your own scalp. Parting area range from 4 to 12 inches. This means from the front of the hairline directly backwards and can be parting in any way, giving the realistic appearance can be worn in any direction. The back of the wig is built on a durable elastic cap. weft hair is then sewn on to create the main body and length.

A.Yes fill out our create your own wig for a quote

A.What ever you like want and need we can do any colour fashion look or trends you like

A. Human hair wigs cost between £400 – £2000. These are the best quality wigs so the cost can be higher than some other wig types. These prices are somewhat higher because they are real hair wigs

A. 7-14 working days plus delivery time

A. Lace fronts wigs are commonly combined with monofilament caps. This combination is the most expensive kind of wig, but it creates the most natural look, has the appearance of a scalp and a hairline, and can be easily styled while maintaining the appearance of a natural head of hair.

A.You can get free synthetic wigs on the NHS if: you’re under 16, or you are 19 or under and in full-time education. you’re a hospital inpatient. you or your partner are gettingUniversal Credit, Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or the guarantee credit of Pension Credit.Im scared the wig wont fit? The little princess charity provide wigs for young children contact them for advice.

A. EBeauty Community Inc.: Provides FREE wigs for cancer patientsundergoing chemotherapy treatments. They also have a national wig exchange program through which you can donate wigs you no longer need to others who do.

A.We understand, we got your back! we have made the options available clear and helpful. You can buy a Ready To Wear unit on our online shop, or you can book an in salon consultation.

A. we will not be offering a walk in and try on service at this time.

A. Yes you can re style your unit to your liking as its human hair. Please be aware heat can damage the hair so keep it to a minimum.

A.We have made a size guide for you! Click here to view!

A. A cap is what the wig is built on. It is stretch and comfortable to wear.

A .An adjustable band is provided with every unit. The band comes under the unit from behind your ears and anchors it down comfortably. It is adjustable so you can make it tighter or looser.

A.If you follow our size guide accurately there be an issue. Don’t worry if it doesn’t simply adjust your strap tighter or looser it.

A.When you receive your unit you must check to make sure it fits well cutting the lace. Once the lace is cut its strictly non returnable. It is like removing a price tag or a hygiene strip. Your wig can always go shorter and more layered if you find its too long and thick. Please don’t rush into this as once its gone its gone and would be costly to replace rows of hair on your unit if you regret it. The more layers your wig has the thinner it will feel. Please only have it cut by someone who is experienced – not just a hairdresser but an experienced wig cutter. It is NOT the same as natural hair and we will not be help responsible if you do choose to have it cut shorter or more layered by anyone else but ourselves. Please get in touch if you want the length or cut altering and we will be happy to help. The first adaption is free of charge but anything after that will be chargeable.

A. The lace must not be cut until you have tried the wig on and ensured it fits correctly. Then proceed to cut the lace off carefully. The Lace will be left on the unit for you to remove to show it is a brand new unit made for you. Please click here for an instructional video of how to cut off the lace.

A.You can wear it as often as you like. We don’t recommend sleeping in you wig. It could damage the knots on the frontal and cause them to shed ons. The more frequently you wear it and use heated tools the quicker the hair will age. The wig will last 9-12 months depending on care.

A.Please click here for our lace cutting tutorial.

A.Please click here for our “What Wig” tutorial.

A.No you must not colour your wig.

A.Yes 360 frontals wigs can be worn in a high pony!

A.The unit will be secured using the adjustable band method. You will then have the option of clips and combs for attaching to natural hair or for hair loss tape can be used so you can attach to your scalp.

A.Absolutely! Just bare in mind its real hair. The more heat you use the more you can damage those ends. Excessive heat can also discolour the hair so please be careful. The wigs should hold their style for a few days so try not to over do the heat. We will not be held responsible for damage due to excessive heat.

A.Yes See video here

A.Yes! just use the adjustable bands.

A. A wig cap to help keep your natural hair at bay.

A.Not that often! Only if you have a product.Try to keep washing to a minimum.

A.Only use salon professional products on your wig.

A. Natural boars bristle brushes are best.

A. Use a stand for your unit for at home we provide the on our facebook shop. 

Have a peek at my wigs and hair loss services on my Instagram profile. Don’t let wigs a weave scare you from the endless possibilities. Colour change without the chemicals, not to mention the volume and density you can wear without over working your natural hair with heat. Let’s face it Gone are the days when you only wore wigs when you we’re sick, today there the Ultimate fashion accessory. Us Black women have been wear wigs since to 40s and it not that we’re better we’ve just done it for longer and that why it more common. Full lace wigs can be worn as a protective style for damages hair. Or to help you grow out a short cut with confidence. Try a wig on a night out. I love how I can reinvent myself with a different looks every day u can to take a look!

Reasons Your Unit could be shedding/ balding and how to keep this to a minimum.

  • Combing with a narrow tooth comb or a hard bristle brush whilst wet – this could snag the hair knots and stitching.
  • being rough whilst brushing and styling – this could damage the stitching and pull out fragile knots
  • avoid greasy products are the route area of the wig – this could effect the longevity of the knots
  • brush from tip to root (bottom to top) never top to bottom – brushing from top to bottom will be too harsh.
  • scrubbing the hair together in the sink or shower when washing – this can knot the hair and cause damage to the lace
  • avoid scratching scalp through unit – it can damage the knots and stitching.
  • avoid lots of hairspray and styling products – this will mean you will have to wash your unit more frequently

Ready To Wear

How long will my wig take to arrive if i purchase from the Ready To Wear Shop?
We will post your Ready To Wear unit out on special delivery to ensure it gets to you ASAP!

The wig i wanted is sold out on the Ready To Wear Shop, will it be re stocked?
Do not fear! If you wanted the exact unit that was available then drop us an email or if you’d like it changed slightly e.g. a different size or length then fill out the build me babe quote form.


How can i pay for my wig?
You can pay via PayPal, Card, or Bank Transfer. We will be launching with Klarna very soon to spread to cost.

Can i cancel my order after paying a deposit?
No. Your deposit covers the allocated build slot for your unit plus goes towards some of the cost of materials purchased. Deposits are strictly non refundable or transferable. Please ensure you are 100% happy to go ahead before sending a deposit or paying for your ready to wear unit.

Upon completion (if you have had a custom build) or once you have purchased from our online ready to wear shop all units will be sent by special delivery to ensure they get to you as quickly as possible.