How to Wear Your Wig in Colder Weather

woman wearing wig in cold weather

You might have noticed a drop in temperatures recently, and if you wear a wig, you need to gear yourself up for the challenge of wearing and looking after your wig in the colder months. Whether you wear a human hair or synthetic wig, wind, rain, and colder temperatures can wreak havoc on it. Here’s to wear your wig in colder weather.

Treat it to some deep conditioning

Cold temperatures and strong winds can make your wig feel very dry, so using a hydrating conditioner can really help after it has been exposed to the elements. Using a hair mask once per week in the colder months is a good idea too. Make sure you use the right products for your wig-ask me for advice if you’re not sure.

Cut down on the heat styling

Avoid heat styling your wig too much in the colder months as it will make the hair brittle and dry. Instead, embrace a more natural look for your wig and use good products to keep it looking sleek and shiny.

Use products strategically

In colder temperatures, make sure you keep human hair wigs hydrated by using moisturising products like light serums, oils, and smoothing mists to fight frizz and protect the hair from damage.

Cover up and accessorise to protect your wig

Whether you’re heading out to the shops or you’re out on a wintery walk, think about wearing a hat or a soft scarf to protect your wig from the elements.

Get some professional advice about wearing your wig in the colder months

If you’ve invested your money in a good quality wig and it makes you feel like a million dollars, it pays to look after it. If you are unsure about how to look after your wig in the colder months and beyond, I can give you some great advice on styling, colour, products to use and more. Just get in touch!

Do you want help and advice on wigs?

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