Say Hello to Curls and Farewell to Frizz with Aveda Be Curly

Aveda be curly hair products for curly hair

Curly hair bends and twists every which way, and that’s why the scalp’s natural protective oils sometimes struggle to work their way down all the strands, and you curly girls can end up with dry, brittle locks. Curly hair needs to be handled with care, and it should be treated differently from other types of hair. The good news for all you curly babes is that we now stock the Aveda be curly ™ range in salon that reduces frizz, and protects and enhances your beautiful curls.

Here’s how to say hello to curls and goodbye to frizz with the help of Aveda.

Start pre-shampooing

Be curly ™ co-wash prepares delicate and tangled locks for shampooing and prevents any damage. It’s a sulphate-free conditioning wash with nourishing certified organic babassu oil which gently cleanses your scalp, moisturises your curls, reduces frizz, and leaves your curls soft and defined.

Don’t shampoo every day, but when you do, choose be curly ™ shampoo

Washing curly hair too often can cause damage and dryness, but when you do wash your hair choose a gentle shampoo. Think about curly hair like a delicate knit; you wouldn’t just throw it in the washing machine on any old setting with bog standard detergent, you need to treat it gently, and wash it with a gentle product. Never use a harsh shampoo on your curly hair as this will strip away the hair’s natural oils and leave it feeling even more dry.

Be curly ™ shampoo gently cleanses, enhances curls, combats frizz, and boosts shine. The blend of wheat protein and organic aloe expands when the hair is wet and retracts when the hair is dry to boost your curls, and you’ll also fall in love with the smell of this product. It has a lovely refreshing citrus aroma as it contains certified organic lime, lemon, bergamot, orange and other hair-loving pure plant and flower essences.

Use a nourishing and curl-enhancing conditioner

A good conditioner is a must for curly hair as it tends to soak up product like there’s no tomorrow. Apply conditioner to the lengths and ends, and use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product evenly. Be curly ™ conditioner enhances curls while fighting frizz and boosting shine. The blend of wheat protein and organic aloe enhance your curls while organic lime, lemon, bergamot, orange, and other botanicals will leave your hair smelling beautifully fresh.

Prep your hair for styling

After you wash, comb your hair with a good-quality wide-toothed comb to detangle it. Don’t use a brush as it can cause damage and disrupt your curl pattern leaving your hair looking like a hot mess.

Be curly ™ style-prep adds moisture and definition to your curls as it seals the hair’s cuticle. It detangles to reduce damage caused by combing, it fights frizz, and it leaves your curls soft not crunchy. Wheat protein and organic aloe combine to enhance curls and fight frizz, while organic baobab oil, babassu oil, and macadamia nut help seal, soften, and moisturise the hair. Guar bean and plant-derived cellulose help keep your curls bouncy and pretty throughout the day, and botanical citrus extracts leave your hair smelling fresh.

The final step for beautiful curls

As you’ve probably guessed, using a lot of heat on curly hair is not a great idea because it’s usually dry and fragile. Try to let your hair dry naturally and use foam rollers or twists to give your curls some shape.

If you must use heat, try using a diffuser instead of a standard hair dryer. A diffuser distributes heat more evenly and is gentler on the hair. Before you start with the diffuser, apply some be curly ™ curl enhancer to intensify your curls, tame frizz, and boost shine. Once you’re ready to go, start with the diffuser at the roots and use circular motions over your scalp, working in the same direction. Dry the ends last. Give your hair a blast with the cool button when your hair is almost dry to add a shot of shine.

If you want to know more about Aveda be curly ™ or any of our other Aveda products, ask me next time you’re in the salon!




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