Why Don’t My Wigs Look Like The Ones I See On Instagram?

woman wearing a wig

The world of Instagram can seem dreamlike and flawless, and we’ve all fallen into the trap of comparing what we have with what we see in the posts of influencers and celebrities. Ladies, if you wear a wig, they are no exception.

You wanted your wig to make you look and feel confident, beautiful, and glamorous, but do you scroll through the gorgeous, perfectly-fitted wigs in every possible colour on Insta and feel a tinge of envy and disappointment?

Here’s why your wigs don’t look like the ones you see on Instagram.

You haven’t invested in good quality hair

Incase you didn’t know already, wigs are graded according to hair type and quality, and if you don’t invest in good quality hair, you can’t expect your wig to look like the ones you see on Instagram. Virgin hair (hair that is 100% human and has not been processed in any way) is the best quality hair you can buy, and this is reflected in the higher price tag. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this though, there are other good quality budget-friendly options. Check out our blog on hair grades to find out what type of hair will look Insta-worthy.

You aren’t using the best method to secure it

You can’t expect your wig to look its best if it keeps slipping or if there’s glue build-up on it. Think about your lifestyle first and try our different methods of securing your wig to see what looks and feels best for you. I wrote a post on the best glue-free methods of securing your wig a little while ago. Check it out for my top tips and advice.

Your lace isn’t a good match for your skin tone

For that flawless, Insta-ready look, choose a frontal with lace that matches your skin tone. It’s even possible to tint the lace to suit you for an exact match. If you haven’t got a clue which shade to get, my advice is to go with a lighter shade because you can always tint it darker.

Remember that practice makes perfect and all on Insta isn’t as it seems

It might help to remember that when you see images of perfectly fitted and styled wigs on Instagram, that the wearers won’t always have been skilled wig stylists or fitters. They would have had exactly the same struggles as you to begin with. My advice is practice styling and fitting your wig, watch online tutorials, and remember, I’m always here if you need advice.

And one last thing, you know that plenty of people who post on Instagram have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to make their pictures look perfectly polished, so it might be that the exact colour and shine of a wig is down to the tactical use of a filter. All might not be as it seems, so don’t get too down on how your wig looks!


Would you like to find out how to make your wig look just as good as the ones you see on Instagram?

At Salon La Reine, we specialise in hair loss solutions like wigs, toppers, and hair systems, that can help you disguise any hair thinning or loss while your natural hair grows back.

I’m here to give you the best advice on wearing a wig, fitting it perfectly, and styling it to make you look super glam.

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