Why You Need Hair Extension Maintenance

hair extension maintenance

You invest a lot of time and money into getting hair extensions so it makes sense that you should look after them. As well as looking after them at home, like I talked about in the last blog, you need to make sure you’re having regular maintenance appointment to keep your extensions looking as good as when you first had them fitted.

Find out what maintenance is involved

I’ll always talk to you about maintenance before you have your extensions fitted. I’ll tell you what’s involved, how often you should book a maintenance appointment, and how much maintenance will cost.

Why do you need hair extension maintenance appointments?

During a maintenance appointments I can check the health of your extensions and your natural hair. I can also sort out any matting or tangles before they cause problems. Removing  matted and tangled hair extensions will take longer and cost more. If you don’t book maintenance appointments, your extensions might not last as long.

Different types of maintenance you might need

Hair extension replacement

Around every 6 weeks, I’d replace any missing bonds with new hair and refit any bonds that you find uncomfortable. This will keep the extensions looking as good as when you first walked out of the salon.

Hair extension uplift (for micro rings only)

Every 6-8 weeks, each bond is unclipped and moved back up to where it was originally before any new hair growth.

What if I’m not offered maintenance appointments?

I always offer maintenance and recommend that clients book maintenance appointments because hair extensions are an investment. If you go to someone who fits hair extensions but doesn’t offer maintenance, my advice to you would be to run a mile and take your custom somewhere else!

Remember that maintenance does not just happen in the salon though, it’s about using the right hair products, brushing the hair correctly, tying your hair up before bed and during exercise, and following any other aftercare advice that any good extensionist will give you.

hair exxtension maintenance


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