Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion Ultra Sonic Bonding


Cold fusion or Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions is a brilliant new method, that only very few places and salons have heard of let alone trained in! It’s one of the celebrities hair extensions Worlds best kept but now raved about secrets…

With many of the reality stars of TOWIE opting for this as well as many models, singers and TV personalities!!

Using a small protein keratin-based polymer bond to attach extensions to the root, this method uses no heat so is perfect for fine or thin hair as well and as normal to thick hair. The protein keratin bond offers more flexibility than hot-glue, and results in more natural-feeling and looking hair.This is due to the small bonds and smaller sections that the extensions are attached to. Your own hair falls and hangs more FREELY so that the natural movement of your hair is no longer restricted and stiffened into place by a bulky glue bond.


Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions uses ultrasound waves that are transformed into mechanical energy. The vibration caused by the ultrasound energy is directed only to the area where the 100% keratin tip of the extension meets the client’s natural hair. This vibration crystallise the bond, forming a strong, invisible and long-lasting hold. This occurs without using any heat, which can cause damage to the hair or a weaker and more visible bond which can not only be seen when hair is styled up but the bods can become damaged by over styling.

We ONLY use 100 % AAA grade human Remy hair extensions (the best on the market) that already has a pre attached, clear keratin based bond (no mess of fuss from glue). Watch the video on the right side to see it in action!


These extensions can last up to six months with the right care and attention. The earlier hot fusion method requires a special heated tool to melt the bond into the hair for it to adhere securely. The heat makes the glued bond expand and to making invisible or un-noticeable bonds very difficult to do. The tool will not allow for extension to be added near the scalp due to the heat. With cold fusion, however, the bond can be attached as close to the clients scalp as required, so for people with thinning, fine of very short hair, extensions can still be an option!!!!

With Cold fusion, extensions can be placed anywhere on the scalp, even close to the hair-line with no real visible bonds, again allowing for those of us that need of like to put our hair up for a much more natural look.