Embracing the Journey: Why Your First Wig Consultation is a Personal Triumph

Navigating hair loss can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, turning your world upside down. At Salon La Reine, we understand that the experience is as unique as each individual. From alopecia and cancer treatments to burns, anxiety-related reasons, and personal choices like being transgender or a model, everyone has their story. As a cancer survivor and a seasoned wig wearer myself, I intimately comprehend the challenges of finding the perfect wig. My personal experiences, coupled with my professional journey, have shaped Salon La Reine’s approach to consultations.

Our consultations are designed with your comfort in mind, born out of my own experiences as a wig wearer. I hated feeling rushed and wanted a space to ask questions without hesitation. Consultations are meant for trying on alternative hair, engaging in conversations, and finding support. Our positive feedback stems from creating an atmosphere where you’re free to express yourself.


The day-before messages we often receive, filled with anxiety about potential tears during consultations, reflect the vulnerability that comes with sharing your journey. But there’s no need to apologize – we understand that opening up can feel like baring your soul to a stranger. Yet, rest assured, we won’t be strangers for long. Consider this a reminder: you are always welcome, we are always here, and your ‘first consultation anxiety’ is shared by many.

If you’re new to hair loss and find yourself grappling with unfamiliar emotions, know that you’re not alone. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed or uncertain about where to turn. At Salon La Reine, we’re here to offer more than just wigs – we’re here to build a supportive community.

If you’re navigating this journey for the first time, drop us a note. We can guide you to the right social media groups and online communities where individuals share their stories, advice, and encouragement. Joining these spaces can be an empowering step, connecting you with a network that truly understands the challenges of hair loss.

Salon La Reine is not just a salon; it’s a place where you find understanding, support, and a community that sees your journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re more than happy to help you on your path to embracing your unique beauty, one step at a time.




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