A Game of Tones:What You Need To Know About Hair Toner

hair toner blonde

Over time, using too much bleach on the hair and colouring it too often can leave it looking brassy. If this happens, your colourist will often use a hair toner to restore your hair to the colour you want.

What is a hair toner?

A colourist will use hair toner for colour correction, or to make a bespoke colour for you. Hair toner is most often used on blonde hair, but brunettes and redheads can use it too to get rid of unwanted tones.

What does a toner do?

There are two different types of toner. The first type is used by your colourist to give your colour a warmer or cooler tone and correct any unwanted tones or shades, and the second type of toner is used in some hair care products to help maintain your colour between appointments. A toner can add also add some natural shine and gives you an even colour result.

What colours can be achieved with a hair toner?

The great thing about hair toner is that it can totally personalise your colour. You can opt for warm tones with a hint of copper or honey, or cooler tones like ash or silver. Toners can also be used to create a pretty pastel effect with hints of pink and lilac.

Hair toner for blonde hair

hair toner blonde 2

Once the hair has been lightened to the desired shade of blonde, the toner is applied which softens and personalises your colour.

A word about purple shampoo

Think of this as a toner you can use at home to eliminate any undesirable shades of yellow or brassy tones that are ruining your blonde bombshell look. Why purple, you ask? Well it’s all about colour science. Purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so it balances it out, so when purple shampoo is used on the hair, it cancels out any yellow tones.

How often should a hair toner be used?

This varies from person to person because of hair type, how often you wash your hair, and what sort of condition your hair is in. Generally, toners lasts between 2 and 6 weeks. Hair that has never been coloured will hold the toner for longer.

How can you make your toner last longer?

  • Use the recommended hair products that won’t strip away the colour
  • Protect hair from the sun
  • Use heat protection when using heated styling tools



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