Treat and Prevent Hair Loss with Scalp Renew

Nioxin scalp renew

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Hair loss is a common and devastating problem. Shedding around 100 hairs every day is perfectly normal, but it can be a shock when you see clumps of hair in your hairbrush or shower. For women, hair is strongly linked to feeling feminine, and losing it can really knock your confidence.

What causes hair loss?

There are quite a few triggers for hair loss including:

Hormonal imbalance

Hormones regulate your hair growth cycle, so when they’re out of whack, you might notice that you experience hair thinning, hair loss, and dryness. Hair loss is common after having a baby and when you reach menopause


Stress or shock raises the level of male hormones (androgens) in the body which shortens the hair’s growth cycle and causes the hair to fall out.

Nutrient deficiencies

If your diet isn’t up to scratch it will show in your hair. Make sure you get enough iron, vitamin B12, and protein in particular. Iron is needed to produce hair cell proteins, B12 is needed for healthy blood cells and good circulation to the scalp, and protein is the building block of hair.

Medical conditions, treatment, and medication

Medical conditions like thyroid problems and polycystic ovary syndrome can cause hair loss, as can treatments like chemotherapy, and medications like anti-depressants and blood thinners.

Chemical styling and traumatic hair loss

Hair loss can occur when the hair is damaged by over processing, or when it is subjected to a lot of trauma or tension by wearing hairstyles that pull too much on the hair or wearing badly-fitted hair extensions.

What can you do to kickstart healthy hair growth?

Well the experts agree that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. If your scalp is dry or irritated, or if your hair follicles are clogged, healthy strands of hair can’t grow.

Why not try Scalp Renew?

Your hair follicles can get clogged up with dead skin cells and oils, and this can impede healthy hair growth.

Scalp Renew by Nioxin is our new in-salon scalp exfoliation treatment which we like to call ‘a facial for the scalp.’ The treatment helps get rid of any build up of dead skin which allows newer and healthier cells to come to the surface. Healthy hair is much more likely to grow from healthier cells.

Who is Scalp Renew suitable for?

It’s perfect for anyone with a scalp condition who would benefit from an exfoliating treatment. Anyone with sores, scalp tenderness, or a rash should not have this treatment and should seek advice from their doctor or a trichologist.

What does the treatment involve?

The product is massaged into the scalp for about a minute then it’s left on for 10 minutes then rinsed off. Your hair is then washed and styled as usual.

How often should you have the treatment?

Having a treatment every 4-6 weeks should be enough to see results.

See how the treatment is working for yourself!

We have a Nioxin Nioscope in the salon which is a powerful microscope than can let you see the condition of your scalp before and after treatment, how amazing is that?

It’s always good to know that your spending your hard-earned cash on something that really works!




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