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Revive Your Hair’s Radiance After Summer Fun

  At Salonlareine , we understand that summer adventures can take a toll on your hair. After all those beach days and poolside escapades, it’s time to restore your hair’s natural beauty and vitality. Discover our expert tips for bringing back that lustrous shine! **1.

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Keep Brassiness At Bay with Aveda Blonde Revival

Your colourist helped you achieve your dream shade of blonde and you’re summer ready. But only a few weeks in, you notice your blonde locks look brassy and it’s not a good look. Why does your blonde hair look brassy and how can you keep

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Is Going Sulphate-Free Better for Coloured Hair?

Every now and again, a hair care or skincare ingredient becomes public enemy number one, and in recent years, it has been sulphates. You’ve probably seen more and more sulphate-free shampoos appearing on the shelves, but is going sulphate-free better for coloured hair? Are sulphates

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How to Reduce Hair Breakage from Colouring

Any kind of chemical processing can damage the hair, and colouring is no exception. Repeated colouring can leave the hair dry and brittle, so growing it can be a challenge. If your hair is getting near the length you really want it, you might be

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