Keep Brassiness At Bay with Aveda Blonde Revival

Aveda blonde revival purple toning shampoo

Your colourist helped you achieve your dream shade of blonde and you’re summer ready. But only a few weeks in, you notice your blonde locks look brassy and it’s not a good look. Why does your blonde hair look brassy and how can you keep brassiness at bay? Read onto find out!

What does it mean when hair goes brassy?

Hair can look brassy if it has been lightened and it starts to develop yellow or orange tones. Why does this happen?

If your beautiful ash blonde has developed a brassy tinge, it could be down to:

  • Your hair having natural warm tones: you might long to be ash blonde but if you were born with natural warmer tones in your hair, your blonde can easily fade into brassy tones.
  • Your hair has been exposed to chlorine or the sun: these are both big causes of hair discoloration for blondes. If you are going to be exposed to either this summer, keep your hair covered or use the best leave-in hair protection you can find.
  • You’ve used a shop bought dye: Home dyes can often turn hair brassy, that’s why I always recommend a professional job when are trying to achieve your dream colour.

How can you keep your blonde from turning brassy?

The number one thing you can do is invest in a purple toning shampoo and conditioner. This will help to neutralise brassy tones and keep your blonde looking vibrant. It might seem scary putting a blob of purple shampoo on your head, but trust me, it works. The reason it works is all down to colour theory. Purple is opposite to yellow on the colour wheel, which means that it cancels any yellowness out.

I 100% recommend blonde revival™ purple toning shampoo which will help neutralise any brassy tones and brighten your blonde. It’s a sulphate-free, silicone-free, and cruelty-free formula which will gently cleanse your hair without stripping the colour or the hair’s natural oils.

For best results, use it with the blonde revival™ purple toning conditioner to keep hair soft, smooth, and healthy.

What else can you do to stop blonde hair turning brassy?

  • Do regular deep conditioning treatments: when hair is dry and damaged, your colour fades faster. Deep conditioning treatments will make your hair healthier so your colour stays vibrant for longer.
  • Use heat protection: heat styling can dry out the hair over time which means that your colour can go brassy and fade. Minimise heat damage by letting your hair dry naturally when you can and always using a heat protection product when you are heat styling.
  • Protect your hair from the sun and chlorine: you can prevent your colour from going brassy by wearing a hat when you’re in the sun and wearing leave in protecting products when you are swimming.

Need advice on maintaining your colour between appointments? Get in touch or check out the rest of our blog for tips and advice.


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