How to Reduce Hair Breakage from Colouring

Woman with coloured hair balayage

Any kind of chemical processing can damage the hair, and colouring is no exception. Repeated colouring can leave the hair dry and brittle, so growing it can be a challenge.

If your hair is getting near the length you really want it, you might be tempted to avoid getting it cut. But there are no two ways about it, split ends need to be cut off for your hair to be able to grow healthily. If you don’t trim them, it just leads to more damage and breakage.

But there are a few ways that you can nourish and protect your coloured hair so you can avoid breakage.

Here’s how to reduce hair breakage from colouring.

If you want to keep your hair strong, healthy, and hydrated so it can withstand the colouring, styling, and everything else you put it through, there are some easy tweaks you can make to your hair care routine.

Experience Aveda Botanical Repair with your colour

Aveda Botanical Repair is a miracle product range that strengthens, repairs, and nourishes the hair from within. It’s a great addition to a colour treatment because it helps offset some of the damage that can be done by colour processing.

Brush your hair the right way

Yes, there is a way to brush and not brush your hair if you want to avoid damage. Choose a natural bristle brush and never brush the hair when it’s wet as this can cause breakage.

Use strengthening hair products

The right products will help strengthen and hydrate your hair so it’s protected from damage. This means that you are far more likely to achieve healthy hair growth. We only use Aveda products in salon which are packed full of natural, nourishing ingredients and free from nasties like parabens.

Reduce heat styling

Heat can cause hair damage and lead to breakage, so if you want to grow your hair, ditch the heated styling tools every now and again. Embrace your hair’s natural texture, use some good styling products, and let your hair dry naturally as often as you can. If you do really want to heat style your hair, make sure you use heat protection products.

Use a hair mask

Use a deep conditioning hair mask at least once per week to nourish the hair and keep it in good condition. This will protect it from damage and maybe save some of your precious locks from being cut off when you visit your stylist.


We are an Aveda Salon and our goal is to nourish and protect your hair with products that contain gentle ingredients and minimal harsh chemicals.

Visit us and see how we can help you on your happy healthy hair journey.


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