Is Going Sulphate-Free Better for Coloured Hair?

Woman with coloured natural hair

Every now and again, a hair care or skincare ingredient becomes public enemy number one, and in recent years, it has been sulphates.

You’ve probably seen more and more sulphate-free shampoos appearing on the shelves, but is going sulphate-free better for coloured hair? Are sulphates really as damaging as they say?

Why do sulphates get such a bad press?

Read the marketing claims of companies that sell sulphate-free shampoos and you’ll notice that they say that sulphates will strip the colour and moisture from your hair. Their message is going sulphate-free will help keep your colour vibrant for longer and your hair nourished and shiny.

How true is this?

Well sulphates are the ingredients that make your shampoo lather and while they do grab the natural oils from your hair and they may strip some colour, they are not the only enemy of healthy looking hair.

As well as the products you use, you have to consider what the rest of your hair care routine looks like too.

Make sure your hair care routine isn’t damaging

Sulphates in your shampoo aren’t the only thing that can affect the condition of your locks and make your hair colour dull.

How often you wash your hair can contribute-if you wash your hair too often and you heat style every time, this can strip your colour and make your hair dry, dull, and brittle.

If you don’t use heat protection products when you heat style your hair, or you don’t turn down the heat on your appliance, this can cause dryness and dullness. Remember too, that when your hair is coloured, especially if portions of your hair is balayaged, it needs to be treated with more care than hair that isn’t coloured.

My advice?

Go sulphate-free if you wash your hair often. In fact, hair products that contain natural ingredients and less damaging chemical nasties like our Aveda range, are far kinder to your hair and scalp. But it doesn’t matter what products you use if the rest of your hair care routine is causing damage. Ask me for advice in salon if you need to overhaul your hair care routine!



We are an Aveda Salon and our goal is to nourish and protect your hair with products that contain gentle ingredients and minimal harsh chemicals.

Visit us and see how we can help you on your happy healthy hair journey.


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