Protective Styling: Why Wearing a Wig Can Protect Your Natural Hair

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Frequent washing, styling, and detangling your hair puts a lot of stress on it, especially if you are suffering from hair loss.

If you are dealing with hair loss, you’ll want to protect your natural hair as much as you can, and this is where protective styling comes in. Here’s why wearing a wig can protect your natural hair.

What is protective styling?

Protective styling is when you wear your hair so that the ends are tucked away. The ends of your hair are usually the most damaged and fragile part.

There are plenty of ways to protect your natural hair like wearing it in styles like gentle braids or a loose bun, but sometimes your hair just needs a complete break, which is where wigs can help.

Wearing a wig as a protective style: Things to remember

Remember that wearing a wig is not an excuse to neglect your natural hair

When you’re suffering from hair loss, the goal should always be to encourage healthy, strong natural hair regrowth. Don’t neglect your natural hair and put a wig on to disguise it. Maintain a good hair care regime (including regular conditioning treatments) and use gentle hair and scalp nourishing products.

Don’t opt for glue

If you really want to protect your natural hair, glue might not be the best option for securing your wig. Glue can block the pores of the scalp and damage the hair follicles which can result in further hair thinning and can even stop it growing.

Tape, wig combs or clips, and elastic are all gentler options that will keep your wig just as secure. For more tips on how to wear your wigs without glue, check out our blog.

The benefits of wearing a wig as a protective style

They’re convenient

No more waking up every day worrying about how you’re going to style your natural hair to disguise hair loss, just put on your favourite wig and go.

They’re versatile

With wigs, you can change your hairstyle and colour depending on your mood. You can be a little more neat and casual at the office, but go super glam on a night out with the girls.

You don’t have to use damaging heat on your hair

Wigs are a great alternative to trying to wrestle your natural hair into some sort of style with straighteners or curling wands. Wigs allow you to have a straight or curly style without the damage.

They are economical

A good quality wig is an investment, and they don’t come cheap. If you buy a good quality human hair wig, look after it, and store it properly, it will last you a long time and is considerably cheaper per wear than all of the hair loss products and disguises that might not work for you.


Would you like to find out more about wearing a wig with confidence to protect your natural hair?

At Salon La Reine, we specialise in hair loss solutions like wigs, toppers, and hair systems, that can help you disguise any hair thinning or loss while your natural hair grows back.

We know that hair loss can be very distressing and we want to help you feel confident and beautiful again.

Get in touch to book a consultation and let us help you get started on your happy healthy hair journey.






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