Ways to Store Your Wig

wig on a wig stand

If you wear wigs, you’ll usually have your favourite and several others that you wear when you fancy a change. They make you feel beautiful and confident and you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on them so it’s important to look after them.

As well as washing and styling them correctly, you also need to store them properly when you aren’t wearing them. Nope, you can’t just shove them in a bag or drawer, they have to be looked after if you want them to look great for as long as possible. Here are the best ways to store your wig.

Before you store your wig away

Clean and brush your wig. If it’s in good shape before you store it away, there’s more chance that it will be in good shape when you want to wear it again. Make sure you never store your wig when it’s damp though as it can attract dust and mould.

Day to day storage

If you wear your wig every day, it’s best to store it on a wig stand or mannequin head. This will help keep it in good shape and preserve the style.

If you want to store a wig away for longer

Maybe you’ve found a new favourite wig and you want to store what is now your second favourite away for a while. Fold the wig in half from ear to ear, parted in the centre. If the wig doesn’t have a centre parting, put a small bit of tissue paper at the crown to help retain the shape during storage. Place a hairnet over the wig to preserve the style, and put it in its original packaging if possible.

Store your wig away from direct sunlight

Heat and sunlight can cause colour fade and it can also damage the hair fibres and make them fall apart. Store your wig in a cool, dry place.

Plenty of room in your closet? Store your wigs there!

Now if your closet is fit to bursting, you might need to clear some space first, but your bedroom closet is a great storage choice for your wigs. You can keep them neat, cool, and dry, and away from children and pets. You don’t want your cat getting its paws on your precious wig!

Storing your wig when you’re travelling

If you’re going away anytime soon and you’re going to be wearing your wig and taking a spare one along for the ride, cover the wig in tissue and put it inside of a strong box, ideally a wig box so that it won’t get flattened in transit. If you go away often or travel for work, it’s also a good idea to invest in a foldable wig stand.


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