New Year’s Resolutions for Your Hair

new year's resolutions for your hair

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably made a few New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to eat healthier, get fitter, or learn something new. But have you made any New Year’s resolutions for your hair? Here’s how you can start some healthy hair habits in 2019.

Introduce a good hair care routine

If you haven’t already, put some time aside in your week to really take care of your hair. Use the right products for your hair type, use a hair masque regularly and book in for regular trims to keep your hair looking at its best.

Get rid of bad habits like blasting your hair with heat and using straighteners every day too, embrace your natural texture and let your hair dry naturally once in a while.

Use a deep conditioning treatment regularly

Hydrated hair is healthy hair, and if hair is dry and brittle, it won’t look good or feel good and it will be so much harder to maintain. Deep conditioning treatments penetrate the hair at a deeper level than normal conditioners. Do a treatment once per week and you should see results within a few months.

Eat well to nourish your hair

A poor diet will show in your hair, so make sure that you eat plenty of lean protein, fruit and veg, and healthy fats to encourage healthy hair growth. Supplements can help, but they should be taken as well as a healthy diet, not instead of one.

Prevent tangles and damage at night

Do you wake up with a severe case of bed head every day? This is caused by tossing and turning, and friction from your pillowcase. Invest in a silk pillowcase which is kinder to your hair. It’s also a good idea to wear your hair in a loose braid of ponytail for bed to prevent tangles and matting (especially if you have hair extensions.)

Give your hair a break

As I mentioned earlier, let your hair dry naturally now and again, and if you must use heat, always use heat protection products. Ask me about gentler ways of colouring your hair or embracing your natural colour, and if you wear extensions, we can look at fitting methods that aren’t so damaging.

Here’s to shinier, happier, healthier hair in 2019  and beyond!



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