The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

woman with fine hair

If you have fine hair, you might consider getting hair extensions so you can have the full luscious mane you’ve always dreamed of. But some hair extensions aren’t suitable for fine hair, and they can cause damage and hair loss.

The extensions to beware of if you have fine hair

Hair extensions are attached to your natural hair to add length and volume, but some types of extensions are just too heavy for fine hair, and they can cause damage and hair loss by pulling on the hair and stressing it. If you have fine hair, generally avoid:

Clip-in hair extensions: These are an easy to use quick fix, but constantly clipping the hair in and taking it out can pull on the hair causing damage and hair loss. You should never leave these in when you go to sleep either.

Braided wefts: Tight braids can pull on the hair and weigh it down, and fine hair is not usually strong enough to withstand this.

Keratin pre-bonded extensions: The strands are attached to the hair with keratin. The bonds can feel quite heavy and can weigh down and damage fine hair. But if you want bonded extensions and you have fine hair, Great Lengths prebonded hair extensions bond is made from polymer which is much kinder to the hair than Keratin. You can also ask your stylist to cut the strands in half to 0.5g and 0.2g at the temple and nape where the hair tends to be finer. The bond tip (glue) can also be cut down so there’s less weight altogether.

So what are the best hair extensions for fine hair?

My recommendation for fine or very fine-haired ladies would be tape-in hair extensions. The hair wefts are applied to your natural hair using a special tape. The wefts are nice and light so they won’t cause any pull on the hair. They lie flat against the scalp so they won’t be able to be seen either, which would not be the case with many other types of hair extensions.

Maintaining Tape-In Hair Extensions

Treat them gently

Use the products that have been recommended to you and your extensions will look great for longer. Always wash your hair in the shower with your head tilted back, and don’t scrub your scalp hard as this can damage the tape. Never use conditioner near the roots as this can make affect the tape’s adhesive.

Dry carefully-or naturally

Don’t rub the hair dry with a towel. Pat it dry to remove excess moisture then either let your hair dry naturally or blow dry on a low heat, avoiding the tape.

Detangle your hair extensions often

Get into the habit of brushing your hair, from the roots upwards a few times per day. Wear your hair in a loose plait or ponytail at night to avoid matting and tangles.

Do you have fine hair? Are you thinking about hair extensions? Ask me about the best options for you!



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