How to Look After Your Hair Extensions on Holiday

holiday hair extensions

The cold weather and dark nights might have you dreaming of holidays and you might already be thinking about where you’re jetting off to in the summer. But if you have hair extensions, you’ll need to think about looking after them a little bit more when you’re faced with a swimming pool full of chlorine and endless days of sun exposure. Here are my top tips for looking after your hair extensions on holiday.

Take the correct products with you

The last thing you want is to get to your hotel and find out that you’ve forgotten your hair extension shampoo and conditioner. Resorting to cheap hotel shampoo or shampoos full of sulphates can dry your extensions out. Always use the products I’ve recommended to keep your extensions looking amazing.

Avoid the sea and swimming pools full of chlorine

Salty sea water and chlorine is a nightmare for hair extensions. This type of water can make them dry and even discoloured, especially if you’re blonde. If you want to have a dip, pre-treat the hair with a leave-in conditioner or protective pre-shampoo treatment to prevent dryness. Wear your hair in a plait or another easy to manage style if you intend to swim. Avoid styles like messy buns as these can make the hair tangle.

Have your hair extension brush handy

Wind or sea air can make the hair a bit harder to control so make sure you brush it regularly to keep it looking good and tangle free.

Don’t have a snooze with wet hair

You might think that on holiday it’s so warm your hair will dry faster, but if you go to bet with wet hair it can end up matted and tangled. Make sure your hair is dry and put it in a loose ponytail or plait before going to bed.

Protect your hair extensions from the sun

Just as you should always protect your skin from the sun, you should always protect your hair extensions. Too much sun exposure can make your hair extensions look and feel bone dry. Try wearing a hat or apply an extension friendly leave-in hair UV protection product.

See me when you get back!

When you come back from holiday it’s a good idea to come and see me for a maintenance appointment so I can check your bonds are tangle free and see if any hair needs removing or replacing.



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