Choosing the Perfect Shade of Red (And Beating the Fade)

red hair colour

If you love colouring your locks in shades of red, you’ll know that even though it looks amazing at first, it often doesn’t last very long. So why do this happen?

Well the main reason is because red colour molecules are larger and heavier than other colour molecules, so they are often too big to fully penetrate the hair shaft. The result is that the molecules cling to the surface of the hair so they’ll wash out more easily.

But if you love tones of red, don’t give up! In this blog I’m going to look at the process of going red, choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone, and how to keep red hair as vibrant for as long as possible.

Going from brown to red

If you’re a brunette and you fancy a rich, burgundy shade, this is easy to achieve. But if you want to go more than two shades lighter than your current colour, you’ll probably have to have your hair bleached before going red. Don’t worry though, it’s a far quicker process than going all the way to blonde.

Going from blonde to red

If you hair is bleached, steer clear of cherry reds. The blonde tones tend to cling onto any pink in the red dye, so your hair will be a dead-ringer for candyfloss! In this case, any journey to red will have to be done a bit more gradually.

Choosing a shade of red to match your skin tone

Fair skin tones: If you’re pale, you’re more likely to suit strawberry blondes and bright copper tones.

Fair to medium skin tones: If your skin is a little warmer than porcelain, copper shades with hints of gold will look great on you, and reduce any yellow tones in your skin.

Medium skin tones: If your skin is medium or olive, you can look at deeper shades of red like auburn.

Darker skin tones: Deeper cherry reds will look amazing on you.

How to keep red hair looking vibrant

It goes without saying that you should use products that are formulated for coloured hair. I would also recommend going as long as you can between washes. Make dry shampoo your best friend, and your beautiful red shade will last much longer.

Try to avoid heat styling as much as you can, as it can cause dryness, damage, and colour fade. If you must use heat, always use heat protection products.

Want to go red? Come see me in the salon for a consultation and I’ll help you achieve your dream hair!



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