Colour Correction: Everything You Need to Know

Colouring your hair is a sure way of making a statement about who you are, and whether you want something vibrant red or a little more subtle, there are plenty of options out there. But if you’ve coloured your hair at home and you haven’t got the results you wanted, or you’ve had a disappointing experience in a professional salon, there are steps you can take to correct your colour.

Here at Salon La Reine Bristol, we offer a full colour correction service. But what does it involve and what can you expect? Here’s our guide to achieving the colour of your dreams.

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What is colour correction?

Just like using different coloured concealers can correct uneven tones and disguise pigmentation in the skin, hair colour correction can remedy uneven colours and tones in the hair. An example of this is when blonde turns brassy after a few weeks, whether it’s because of the sun or chlorine from a swimming pool. Hair colour correction can neutralise the hair and make your hair look amazing.

What to expect

The first thing to understand is that hair colour correction can be a long process and you might not get the colour you want on the first attempt. You might need a few appointments quite close together, but we can make a plan that suits you and your budget. This is because how well the hair takes to colour is determined by how porous it is. If hair is strong and healthy, it will be able to absorb colour and hold onto it. If you have had your hair coloured previously, you’ve had it chemically treated, or you heat style your hair often, you might need several sessions to correct your colour.

Going from light to dark

If you have had your hair lightened and want to go darker, we’ll dye the hair either yellow, orange, or red, depending on how dark you want to go, then we’ll apply the new colour on top. The reason we pre-dye the hair is that if we don’t, your new colour could end up fading fast or worst-case scenario, you could end up with green tones in the hair which is not a good look!

Going from dark to light

Colour correcting hair that’s gone too dark or that’s a mish-mash of different colours is a precise process. While we can always remove harsh colour and uneven tones, it can sometimes leave the hair in poorer condition. We’ll always recommend a good aftercare routine to restore hair health.

Red hair

Many clients complain that their red hair is not as vibrant as when they first had it done. This is because red dye doesn’t tend to stay on the outer edges of the hair cuticle very well. When you visit us, we’ll always go through your options with you so you can achieve your best hair yet.


Colour correction-During the process

Steps towards your colour change

So you think you need colour correction. What next? Here’s our guide to taking the steps towards changing your colour.

Pick your stylist or salon

Hairstyle and colour is a very personal thing, and most people’s hair is their crowning glory, so it’s important that you pick a great stylist or salon. Look at recommendations and reviews, and don’t forget how valuable word of mouth recommendations can be. This will also give you a chance to think about your budget and research salon prices.

Book a consultation

Every good salon will offer a consultation as part of a colour correction service. Having a thorough chat about what hair colour you want to achieve, what is actually achievable, and most importantly, your hair colour history is crucial. This can be a good opportunity to see if you like the stylist too; trusting someone with your hair is a big thing.

Have a skin test

This allows the salon to test for any possible allergic reaction you might have to the dye.

Have a strand test

About 1cm of the strands of your hair are coloured before your colour correction to see what the final colour result might be, and what condition it leaves the hair in so there are no nasty surprises when we dye the full head of hair.

Think about cost

Colour correction is not cheap and remember that it might take a few sessions to achieve results depending on what you need. Our colour correction services start at £150. We use the amazing Olaplex treatment with your colour if your ideal colour can’t be achieved in one go. We mix the first stage of the Olaplex treatment with the hair dye and apply it, then after the colour is rinsed off, the second stage of the treatment is applied and left on for 20 minutes. We then shampoo the hair and apply a hydrating mask. The result? This treatment strengthens and repairs the hair throughout the lightening and colouring process and leaves you with your best ever hair.


Once your colour has been corrected and you’re happy, it’s important to care for your hair. We’ll usually recommend that you use a system of hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, masks, and balms that are formulated for colour treated hair.

Do you need colour correction? If you want to fall in love with your hair again, contact us to arrange a consultation to start your healthier hair journey.

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