How to Repair Festival Hair with Olaplex

woman at festival coloured hair

What comes to mind when you think about music festivals? Okay, so there’s the inevitable mud and rain (it’s the UK, after all) and maybe copious amounts of dry shampoo and wet wipes that double up as a beauty routine. But there’s also the excitement of choosing your look; your outfit, accessories, and the all-important hairstyle.

You might have good intentions, but if you want to rock fishtail braids, rainbow colours, glitter, or any other elaborate festival hair do, you’re going to be putting your hair through a lot, and you’ll probably find it doesn’t look or feel too healthy when you get home.

So how do you restore your hair to its healthy former glory?

The answer is simple, you turn to Olaplex!

Olaplex festival hair rescue: The salon remedy

If your hair is feeling dry, rough, and uncared for, you can book in for a stand alone Olaplex treatment in salon. It’s an amazing treatment where Olaplex No.1 (the concentrate) and No.2 (the concentrate and a cream additive) are applied to the hair and left in for a minimum of 10-20 minutes to work their magic.

At the basin, Olaplex No.1 is applied to dry hair* and left on for 5 minutes. The treatment is NOT rinsed out. Olaplex No.2 is then applied to the hair from roots to ends and combed through. The treatments are left on for around 20-30 minutes, then the hair is washed and styled as normal.

* If your hair has a lot of oil or product build up, it will be washed first then the treatment will be applied.

The result is stronger, thicker, nourished and shiny hair that will look and feel like it’s been nowhere near a festival.

Olaplex festival hair rescue: The home remedy

If your hair needs some at-home intensive tlc, try this:

  • Cleanse the hair, restore scalp health, and promote healthy hair growth with Olaplex No.4 and its hair-loving ingredients like Rosemary Leaf Extract, Biotin, Oregano Extract, and Burdock Root Extract.
  • Apply Olaplex No.3, the hair perfector, to nourish the hair and strengthen bonds. Comb it through the hair, leave it in for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • Condition the hair with Olaplex No.5 which rebuilds bonds and adds essential moisture.
  • Apply No. 6 Bond Smoother before styling. If you read our last blog, you’ll know that it’s perfect for blow drying as it eliminates frizz and adds moisture, making hair look and feel a whole lot healthier. It also reduces blow drying time, so you’ll expose your hair to far less heat, which after the stress you put on it at a festival, is definitely a good thing!

Need advice on caring for your hair post-festival, or just in general? Discover Olaplex next time you’re in the salon!




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