Repair Damaged Hair With Aveda Damage Remedy

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We all want our hair to look good, but unfortunately, most of the things we do to make it look good also do a lot of damage to it. From blow drying to colouring and straightening, we put our hair through a lot. Do you know if your hair is damaged or not? Answer these questions* to find out.

How does your hair feel?

  1. A) Normal, not too dry, not too greasy
  2. B) A little bit rough
  3. C) Really rough and dry

Do you colour or bleach your hair?

  1. A) No
  2. B) Sometimes but only now and again when I fancy a change
  3. C) I have regular appointments

Do you use heat styling tools?

  1. A) Not that often, I try to let my hair dry naturally (go ahead to question 5 if this applies to you)
  2. B) A few times per week
  3. C) Every day

Do you use any heat protection products?

  1. A) Always
  2. B) Sometimes
  3. C) Never

Do you have regular blow dry appointments?

  1. A) No
  2. B) I like to get a blow dry for a big night out or a special occasion
  3. C) I have one regularly

Do you have split ends?

  1. A) No. I’ve recently had a good haircut
  2. B) A few
  3. C) I have loads

Do you use any treatments on your hair?

  1. A) I use a deep conditioning mask every week
  2. B) If I’m at the salon
  3. C) Never

How often do you wear your hair up?

  1. A) Never. My hair is too short/ I prefer to wear it down
  2. B) Sometimes, but I never tie it tight
  3. C) I love a secure ponytail or bun

Do you have any chemical treatments: perming, keratin, relaxing, or similar?

  1. A) Never
  2. B) Every now and again
  3. C) Regularly

How do you brush your hair?

  1. A) I always use a detangling spray first
  2. B) I brush it gently
  3. C) I’m forever dragging my brush through my hair to get rid of knots

If you answered:

Mostly A:

You’re a star. You’re treating your hair well and keeping it in good condition. But everyone’s hair needs a little extra help at times, so why not ask me about adding an Aveda damage remedy daily hair repair treatment to your blow dry, cut, or colour service next time you’re in the salon?

This leave-in treatment will instantly improve the look of your hair while detangling and protecting it from heat styling. What’s even better is that it’s made from 98% natural ingredients so you know your hair is getting some gentle goodness.

Mostly B:

You’re doing okay, but you could be doing a little bit more to protect your hair from damage. Introduce the damage remedy restructuring shampoo and conditioner to your routine, as well as the daily hair repair. Once per week, use the damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment to smooth and strengthen your hair. Think of it like a face mask for your hair. All of these products are packed with quinoa protein and other natural ingredients that will leave your hair silky soft, strong, and shiny.

Mostly C:

Your hair is definitely in need of some damage repair. Try introducing a hair repair routine with all of the Aveda products I’ve mentioned above, and next time you’re in the salon, let’s have a chat about how you can reduce hair damage. Maybe you need to have more regular trims, take a break from chemical dyes and treatments, or let your hair dry naturally more often. Let the journey to your best hair yet begin!


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