Thinning Hair? It Could Be Telogen Effluvium

woman with thinning hair

You wash your hair and see a clump of hair in the plughole. You wake up and there are a bunch of strands on your pillow. You look in the mirror and you swear your hair is getting thinner by the day; so what’s happening?

It’s normal to shed anywhere up to 150 hairs every day, as your hair is in a constant growth and shedding cycle, but if the shedding is excessive, you might have a condition called telogen effluvium. In this blog, I want to talk about what telogen effluvium is, what causes it, and how you can disguise hair thinning until your hair grows back.

What is telogen effluvium?

So while it’s normal to shed around 10% of the hairs on your head, when you have telogen effluvium, you shed around 30%. You’ll notice that you are shedding more hair than usual, especially when you wash it. Unlike other types of hair loss, telogen effluvium does not cause bald patches, instead there is a general thinning of the hair and hair is lost from all over the head.

What causes telogen effluvium?

Cast your mind back 3 months. Did you go through something stressful or traumatic? Telogen effluvium usually happens anywhere from 1-3 months after there is major stress to the body, which includes:


A major operation

An accident

A serious illness

A stressful life event

Extreme dieting

Side effects of medication

Underlying health problem like iron deficiency

All of these can interrupt and even stop the normal growth cycle of hair, then more hair falls out than normal.

How is telogen effluvium treated?

The good news is that the hair usually grows back within a few months in most cases. However, in some cases, where the underlying cause is not treated, it can take much longer.

What are the options for disguising  the thinning until your hair grows back?

Of course, nobody wants to walk around feeling self-conscious and feeling like everyone notices your thinning hair. Hair is closely tied up with self-esteem, femininity, and beauty and I know you want to feel confident and beautiful.

I can help.

I specialise in hair loss solutions like wigs, toppers, hair systems, and hair extensions that can help you cover any thinner areas while your natural hair grows back.

Are you struggling with thinning hair?

Get in touch and book a consultation and I’ll help you find your perfect hair loss solution. Get ready to feel confident and beautiful again!



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