Trichotillomania: What is Hair Pulling and What Can You Do About It?

hair loss trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a condition where the sufferer has an intense urge to pull their hair out. It can be the hair on their head, eyebrows, eyelashes, or elsewhere on the body.

Around 1 in 20 people have this condition and because of a lack of awareness about it, many people suffer in silence and feel deeply ashamed.

In this blog, I want to talk about what hair pulling is, what you can do about it, and how I can help you find the perfect hair loss solution to help you grow your hair back healthier than ever.

Why do sufferers pull their hair out?

People who have this condition feel an irresistible urge to pull their hair out:

  • When they feel tense, bored, or stressed
  • When they are experiencing intrusive thoughts

It becomes such a habit that some people don’t even realise they are doing it.

What are the effects of trichotillomania?

Sufferers are often left with bald patches, sparse eyebrows, and barely-there eyelashes. This usually results in attempts to cover up their hair-pulling with hats, wigs, semi-permanent make up, or false eyelashes. But if the hair loss is at the point where it can’t be hidden from view, it can really affect someone’s self-esteem. Sufferers can avoid going out or interacting with others because of the fear of being stared at or judged.

How is trichotillomania treated?

Treating trichotillomania is not just about finding a wig or hairpiece to cover up the external problem. Sufferers need help to get to the bottom of what is causing them to want to pull their hair out. This can be talking therapy, like CBT, which looks at unhelpful behaviours and tries to change your thought patterns, or if the person has another condition like anxiety or depression, they might be offered medication to help.

What I can do for you in salon

hair grown back, hair loss solutions trichotillomania

First, I want you to know that you are not alone. I want you to know that you can come into the salon and get some support and understanding, as well as some practical help to get your hair back to health.

The hair loss solutions I offer like wigs, toppers, hair systems, and hair extensions can help cover any thinner areas while removing the urge to pull the hair. This will give your hair the chance to grow healthy and strong while giving you your confidence back with a hair loss solution while it grows out.

Do you suffer from trichotillomania?

Maybe you can’t imagine feeling confident in yourself and having beautiful healthy hair, but believe me, with a supportive and understanding stylist and proper treatment, you’ll get there.

Get in touch and book a consultation to find out how I can help you.


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