Why You Should Steer Clear of Box Dye

steer clear of box hair dye

I know how desperate some of you are to sort out your root regrowth, cover your greys, and make your hair look gorgeous and glam again, and I also know that while the salon is closed and we are all in lockdown, you’ll be tempted to reach for that box dye, I have one word of advice for you: don’t!

My advice to you would be to get creative and find ways to hide the regrowth or greys rather than slipping a home colour in your trolley when you do your weekly shop. Here’s why you should steer clear of box dye.

DIY boxed colours can damage your hair

When I mix colours in the salon, I blend a colour that is going to suit your skin tone and the texture of your hair. I also use products like Olaplex to protect your hair from damage during the colouring process. I always have a pretty good idea of how it’s going to turn out, but with box dyes, there are no guarantees. Will it dry your hair out completely, or will it turn out a totally different colour from what you expected? There is no way of knowing, especially if you have a colour or highlights in already.

A lot can go wrong

I know, you’re probably thinking ‘she would say that’ but it’s true. If you use a box dye, you might ruin the colour that it’s taken us a lot of appointments to create. Then there’s the issue of application. You no doubt know that there’s a bit of the back of your head that you just can’t see, and if you miss areas when applying the colour, you’ll get a patchy result.

Correcting mistakes can cost you dearly

Think about how much you have invested coming into the salon for a haircut, trying to achieve your dream colour, and getting your hair in beautiful condition. Then imagine ruining your hair with a £6 box of dye and having to pay a small fortune to have it corrected. It’s really not worth it, hang in there and focus on keeping your hair in good condition instead.

There are other options

If you want to cover roots and grey hairs, there are plenty of temporary products out there, like root touch up sprays and powders. These aren’t harsh on your hair and they’ll do the job until you’re able to get into the salon to see me again!

You can also try different hair accessories and hairstyles if you want to camouflage roots or hair that needs a good cut and colour.


I know that for many of you, your hair is your pride and joy, but embrace this time and use it to be kind to your hair, and get it in good condition so that when you do have your next colour, it looks shiny, healthy, and amazing. Use less heat, embrace your natural texture, and slap on a deep conditioning mask while you’re watching Netflix. Your hair will feel so good, you won’t want to go near box dye!



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