Look After Your Hair During the Lockdown

stay home during lockdown

So here at Salon La Reine, we’ve had to close our doors temporarily because of the coronavirus outbreak, just like salons all across the country. It was a hard decision, but it was the right one because we all need to protect ourselves, families, clients, and other people we might come into contact with. But I know that the forced closure is leaving many of you wondering what state your hair is going to be in by the time things get back to normal. Here are my top tips on how to look after your hair during the lockdown.

Don’t be tempted to cut your own hair

Whether your split ends are rearing their ugly head or your bangs are out of control, don’t be tempted to do a DIY cut-it rarely ends well. If your hair badly needs a cut, or it’s in that ‘awkward’ stage, you can disguise the fact by wearing it in a loose boho-style ponytail or a messy-updo like a top knot. Nice accessories can also hide a multitude of sins, especially if you have to jump on some video calls with friends and the family.

Steer clear of box dyes

If the thought of potentially having 3 months’ worth of root regrowth coming through fills you with dread, you might be tempted to rush to Tesco and grab a box dye. My advice would be DON’T. If you already have highlights or colour on, there’s no way of knowing how the colour will turn out, and you really don’t need the extra expense of having to have a colour correction down the line. Box dyes can also dry the hair out and cause damage to your locks.

If you really want to temporarily disguise roots, opt for a root retoucher instead to tide you over until things get back to normal.

Focus on the health of your hair

If you’re stuck indoors, why not spend some time looking after your hair and improving its condition?

If you’re not going out and you’re not going to be jumping on any video chats/work-related conference calls, why not pop on a deep conditioning hair mask and leave it on all day? Your hair will feel smooth, sleek, and healthy. Try to let your hair dry naturally whenever you can too; who needs to style it if you’re not heading to the office, right?

A note about hair extensions

For all of you ladies with hair extensions, please only use products that are tailored for hair extensions, and it goes without saying, don’t try to remove hot fusion bonds yourself!

I have put a video up on my Facebook page showing you how to remove wefts, Micro rings, and Nano rings-check it out, don’t ruin your hair!


I get how difficult it is for many of you who can’t visit the salon, but as long as we all follow the advice, hopefully you’ll be back in to see me before you know it.

Keep an eye out for more blogs full of top tips, Facebook lives, and more to help you (and your hair) get through this!






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