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I’m sure you all would have heard the awful news about Caroline Flack and here at Salon La Reine, we have decided to take a stand against unkindness and bullying by banning gossip mags from the salon.

We do not believe in promoting magazines that slate people, put them down, advertise personal problems for the world to see, disrespect people’s outfits and bodies…the list goes on. Ladies, we need to build each other up, not knock each other down, so from now on when you come to Salon La Reine, you will be able to read good old-fashioned books, educational magazines, and even some colouring books. Hopefully this will catch on in lots of other salons!

We’re all about the goodness…

Salon La Reine interior Aveda concept salon

We know that you millennials are more conscious about the environment that older generations, and we know that you’d rather spend your money on eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan products. That’s why we’re proud to be an Aveda concept salon, and we’re proud to use their gorgeous cruelty-free and 97% vegan and plant-based products. Come and experience them for yourself in salon.

Hair extensions-always, always, always go to a professional!

badly-fitted hair extensions

Ladies, I know I always go on about this, but it’s so important! If you are trusting someone with your hair and your money, please go to someone who is well-trained and experienced. These are just a few examples of what can happen when you don’t go to someone who knows what they are doing. I often see wefts and bonds placed and distributed incorrectly throughout the hair, and often the extensions that have been applied weigh too much for the client’s hair type. This can result in severe damage to the natural hair and even tension traction alopecia in severe cases. Please book a consultation with me if you’re considering getting hair extensions. If you pay for cheap hair extensions, you might get more than what you bargained for, and not in a good way.

Extensions aren’t just for adding length

picture of client who is regrowing hair after chemotherapy

Most people get extensions because they want longer hair, but hair extensions are an accessory, so you can wear them for lots of reasons. Maybe you want to add a splash of colour, have some lovely highlights or balayage without using chemicals, or you want to add length to the sides of your hair that never seem to grow. The options are endless!

Want hair extensions but don’t want to go near heat or glue? Go nano

nano hair extensions

Nano hair extensions are one of the safest methods of application because there’s:

  • No heat
  • No glue
  • No sewing
  • No tape-in
  • No chemicals
  • No braids
  • No fusions

You can find out more about nano hair extensions here.

Hair loss solutions

custom coloured wig

At Salon La Reine, we’re all about providing the best custom hair loss solutions to make you look and feel gorgeous and confident. Get in touch to find out more about our custom-coloured wigs, hair loss systems, toppers, and micro partings.

Speaking about hair loss…

Our latest blog is on hair loss and regrowth after chemotherapy treatment, and it includes some great tips from one of my lovely clients. Read all about it here.

Ending on a happy note

There’s nothing better than a happy client, and I love it when they are kind enough to leave us some lovely feedback. We give 100% to each and every client and are always striving to be better. Thank you @bellathynnee!

“Had an amazing experience at Salon La Reine. Couldn’t find any hairdresser that did Nano rings and Micro Beading in Bath or Bristol. I found Salon La Reine online and then messaged her on Instagram, and booked an appointment as soon as possible. Beautiful salon, fast but a perfectionist, overall a great experience. Definitely coming back!”

Until next time,

Love, Lorraine x


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