Traction Tension Alopecia: What Is It and What Can You Do about It?

Traction Tension Alopecia

Traction Alopecia is a type of hair loss that occurs when there’s too much tension placed on the hair shafts. This can cause damage to the hair follicle, and over time, hair growth slows down and finally stops.

What causes Traction Tension Alopecia?

The main cause is wearing hairstyles that put a lot of tension on the roots of the hair. These can include wearing hair extensions, weaves, braids, and cornrows, but even every day styles like ballerina buns or tight pony tails can put the hair under too much stress. As well as these types of hairstyles, pulling the hair too hard when brushing and backcombing excessively can cause traction tension alopecia.

How do you know you have Traction Tension Alopecia?

You’ll notice hair loss around the hair line, around the temples and at the front of the scalp. Over time, the hair loss can move further back on the head, causing considerable receding of the hairline.

Who is affected by this condition?

As hairstyles are a major cause of Traction Tension Alopecia, it mostly affects women, but men who have dreadlocks or ‘man buns,’ for example can also be affected. Man buns cause alopecia because the bun is usually worn tight and high up on the head. If the bun is tied looser and worn lower down on the head it can minimise some of the damage.

How is Traction Tension Alopecia treated?

It depends how bad your hair loss is. It is possible to prevent any more hair loss in the early stages by making sure no more tension is placed on the hair. But as time passes, if the hair is placed under continued strain, or if it grows back, then it’s pulled out again, this can make the hair grow back weaker and shorter, or in severe cases, not at all.

How we can help

If you’re suffering from Traction Tension Alopecia, we can help. We have the hair and scalp restoring Nioxin treatment system and product range in the salon, so if you’re worried about hair thinning or loss, come in for a consultation and rediscover thicker, fuller hair that shines with health.




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