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I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year (I know it seems like a lifetime ago now) and hopefully you’re getting in the swing of things again. I know we are here at Salon La Reine; it’s been busy, busy, busy!

As well as being non-stop in the salon, Me and my amazing hubby @zase have been celebrating our five-year anniversary, as well as our beautiful son Elijah’s 8th birthday. I’m so happy and grateful for my life as a boss babe, wife, and mum; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you suffer from hair loss? 

hair system for hair loss at salon la reine

If you suffer from hair loss, whether it’s due to illness, medication, medical treatment, hormones, or any other diagnosed condition, we can help. We have the perfect hair loss solution for you. At Salon La Reine, we offer hair systems and hair extensions for hair loss.

When you’re suffering from hair loss, you’re understandably worried about damaging the fragile hair you have left, but if you opt for one of our hair systems, there’s no glue, clips, tape, caps, latex, nothing. Just hair. Our systems won’t cause damage to your natural hair; in fact, they’re integrated into it and allow your scalp to breathe, unlike wigs and hairpieces. Unlike wigs, they don’t need to be styled and/or removed every day, just fit it and forget it.

If you have a busy lifestyle, a hair system won’t get in the way. You can shower, swim, sweat, and face everything that the British weather throws at you without a care. You can blow dry it, style it, curl it, straighten it, and run your fingers through it; it’s the next best thing to a full head of your own hair.

Our hair systems are nice and light, so they won’t stress your natural hair and you’ll get that confident glamorous look back that you’ve been missing. Oh yes, and the hair system is 100% created, tailored, and colour-matched for you. If you’re suffering from hair loss and you’d like to find out more about our hair systems, click here.

Hair extensions for hair loss 

hair extensions for hair loss at salon la reine

Hair extensions can be a great choice for thinning hair, and I used single sided tape on this lovely guest, which is especially designed for women with extra fine hair. By using half as many Tape-In wefts, the extensions are gentle on delicate hair. It’s a weightless, smooth solution for a natural look. For more information on the best hair extensions for thinning hair, get in touch!

New product alert! 

nutriplenish at salon la reine

Introducing Aveda nutriplenish™, a nourishing, fast-absorbing, superfood-infused formula for hyper hydration & next-level nourishment, now available at @salonlareine. It’s formulated with omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil, mango butter, and coconut oil for lush, visibly healthy, manageable hair. It’s available in Light Moisture with fast absorbing oils for those that want a lighter formula, and Deep Moisture, for hair in need of detangling and hydration. You can even choose the perfect products for your hair type! Click here to find your nutriplenish match made in heaven. And just when you thought this range couldn’t get any better, it’s made from 94% naturally derived ingredients, has a gorgeous scent of cocoa, organic cardamom, and ginger, and it’s vegan and completely cruelty-free.

Ask Salon La Reine
Q: What’s the difference between purple and silver shampoo?
A: Purple shampoo was created for people with blonde hair. It helps to get rid of any brassy or yellow tones whether they are natural or they’ve been caused by colouring your hair. After you use purple shampoo, you’re left with a beautiful fresh shade of blonde, like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. Purple shampoo should not replace your everyday shampoo.  I recommend using it mixed with your own shampoo once or twice per week. You’ll love the results! But be careful or you can end up with lilac dull grey-ish hair. Remember it’s a toning shampoo so it can make your hair really dry. Make sure you do a mask once per week to add moisture and hydrate the hair, and make sure you use serums and heat protection too. When it comes to purple shampoo and silver shampoo, there isn’t really a difference, they both do the same job, which is removing brassy tones from blonde hair.
Until next time,
Lorraine x

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