Why are my Hair Extensions beads losing their Colour


Are you grappling with the mystery of colour chipping on your hair extension rings? Fret not; we’ve got the lowdown on what could be causing it and how to shield your rings from this dilemma.

**Identifying the Culprits:**

1. **Application Blues:**
– Squeezing rings too tightly during application poses a risk of surface damage, leading to colour chipping. It’s not a reflection of your stylist’s skills, just a caution to handle with care.

2. **Styling Tool Struggles:**
– Excessive heat or close encounters with styling tools can be detrimental. Maintain a safe distance to prevent the heat from breaking down the surface or accidental knocks that may compromise the colour.

3. **Wet Hair Woes:**
– Prolonged wetness around the rings can be problematic. Water breakdown can chip away at the coating, impacting the colour.

4. **Chemical Conundrum:**
– Chemical exposure, from sweat to hair care products, contributes to colour chipping. Be mindful of what your hair comes in contact with.

**Preventing Colour Chipping:**

1. **Consult Your Stylist:**
– Communicate your concerns with your stylist, and seek their expert insights. Many stylists use smooth pliers to protect the ring surface, minimizing the risk of damage.

2. **Heat Tool Caution:**
– Maintain a safe distance when using heated tools. Explore styles that minimize contact between bonds and tools, ensuring a longer-lasting colour.

3. **Dry Hair, Happy Rings:**
– While avoiding tool contact is crucial, ensure thorough blow-drying to prevent wet hair from compromising the paint. Use a low heat setting near the rings.

4. **Guard Against Chemical Exposure:**
– Whether you’re hitting the gym or using hair care products, be cautious. Tie your hair up during workouts to minimize sweat exposure. Opt for recommended aftercare products to safeguard against chemical damage.

**A Note on Aftercare:**
– Explore our curated collection of aftercare products, specially formulated for various hair extension ranges. Quality maintenance helps avoid issues like chipping rings.

Ready to delve deeper? Discover our assortment of products tailored for use with different hair extension ranges, ensuring your locks stay vibrant and flawless.


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