Storing your Wigs

Hey there, wig sisters!  Let me spill some wig wisdom – storing those fabulous locks is an art. After all, I’m not just a survivor; I’m a wig addict, and I get that space isn’t always on our side. Boxed beauties are my go-to – label them, stack them, and voila, your wig wardrobe is organized.

Now, here’s a secret tip – to keep that fresh vibe, toss a scented dryer sheet into each box. Trust me, it’s a game-changer! No more funky odors when you revisit your favorite styles after a little break. And guess what? I also swear by lavender pillows and a sprinkle of Aveda shampowder in my wig storage routine. It’s like giving your wigs a spa day!

Oh, the joy of waking up every morning with endless style possibilities! I’ve got a wig for every mood. Sometimes I even dream about my next look. It’s not just about hair; it’s about reinventing myself daily. Plus, my hubby gets a kick out of having a new “wifey” every day – wink! 😄

But let’s talk real – styling and prepping are key. Set aside some wig love time – restyle, prep, and, of course, the occasional wash depending on wear . It’s like a mini pampering session for your wigs. Because, let’s be real, wearing wigs is not just a cover-up; it’s a whole lot of fun. As long as you treat your scalp too!

So, my friend, here’s to wig adventures, lavender-scented dreams, and fresh-smelling boxes! ✨


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