Why Even Virgin Hair Needs Olaplex

olaplex virgin hair

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A client who has never coloured their hair or had any kind of chemical treatment is a rare thing in a hair salon, but they do exist. And if this sounds like you, you might look at people getting colour treatments and smugly think to yourself that your unprocessed virgin hair is much healthier-but is it?

The lady getting the colour, certainly if she’s in my salon, will be getting an Olaplex treatment which will be rebuilding her hair from the inside, but let’s face it, colour and chemical treatments aren’t the only way to damage your hair. You might be doing more damage to your virgin hair at home without realising.

The problem with heat

So you’re not colouring or processing your hair in any way, but how much heat do you use on it? You can cause serious damage to hair with hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons, if you use them a few times per week or even every day. Every time you apply heat to your hair, you’re breaking bonds and causing damage.

And it’s not only heat from styling tools that you have to consider, it’s heat from the sun (yes I know it’s autumn now, but how many summer days did you spend in the garden? (or beer garden).

Other ways you damage your hair without really thinking about it include brushing your hair too hard, or even sleeping on the wrong type of pillowcase (silk is best for hair).

The moral of the story is that there’s room for improvement in the health of even unprocessed virgin hair. This is something that you, and any stylist worth their salt should think about when they’re colouring or processing virgin hair for the first time. Putting a colour or using a chemical treatment on hair that’s already damaged can really compromise it, so using Olaplex is essential.

I have virgin hair; how can I use Olaplex for best results?

Use Olaplex No.3 once per week to rebuild hair strength and repair any damage. You can also book a standalone Olaplex treatment at the salon, or ask your stylist to use Olaplex No.2 as a cutting lotion or blow dry cream next time you have a cut or blow dry.

Whether your hair has been coloured 1 time, 50 times, or 0 times, Olaplex can give you healthier, stronger hair. Ask me about it in the salon!


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