Clip-In Extensions: The Glam Hair Solution for Commitment-Phobes

clip in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a great way for commitment-phobes to change up their look, for a night out, a special occasion, or just because you want to. Clip in hair extensions are made from strips of wefted hair that have clips sewn to the top. The width of each weft depends on the part of the head they are going to be attached to, so wefts for the back of the head are wider than those for the sides. If you’re not ready to take the plunge and have hair extensions fitted on a more permanent basis, clip-in extensions might just be the quick, low maintenance fix you need.

Why clip-in extensions are a great option

They cost less than fitted extensions

Because you don’t necessarily pay for fitting and there’s generally less wear and tear on them than fitted extensions, you’ll find that clip-in extensions cost much less than other types of extensions.

There’s no commitment

With clip-in hair extensions you can try as many different hair styles as you want without taking the plunge and opting for something permanent. Want full bouncy waves for your Christmas do but need a more conservative hair style for work? No problem with clip-in extensions!

Change up your look as much as you want

Maybe you don’t want to commit to one style or even colour because you’re a bit of a chameleon who loves a change? With clip-ins, you can add streaks of colour without committing to constant colour appointments and have longer, thicker hair whenever you want.

They’re low maintenance

If you don’t want to spend forever and a day styling your hair or you’ve had fitted extensions in the past and found it hard to maintain them properly, clip-in extensions are the answer to your prayers. They are very easy to maintain and style, and when you want to look that bit extra glam, you just have to clip them in and go.

A little note about clip-in extensions…

clip in hair extensions

While they are cost effective and versatile, wearing clip-in extensions too often can put a strain on your natural hair and the tension can lead to hair loss or breakage. Never sleep in your clip-ins. Ask me in the salon about what your best options are. If you find that you’re wearing your clip-ins every day, it might be time to go for something a little more permanent. Hair extensions have come a long way in recent years so it’s a lot easier to find a type that suits you and causes far less damage to your natural tresses.





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