Caring for Your Copper Hair at Home: Salon La Reine’s Tips

**Caring for Your Copper Hair at Home: Salon La Reine’s Tips**

When it comes to colour maintenance, red hair is renowned for being one of the most challenging to care for. After all, its allure is in its vibrancy, making dullness a non-negotiable aspect. Red hair tends to fade rapidly, yet ironically, it’s one of the trickiest colors to remove. So, how do you ensure your red hair maintains its radiance? Here are our expert tips.

**1. Opt for Permanent Colour:**
Caring for your red hair starts at the salon. If you’re determined to preserve that fiery shade, ask your colourist to use a permanent hair colour, such as Aveda colour. These options offer a spectrum of vibrant hues, ensuring your seasonal trendy shades last. Keep in mind that permanent colours may require more commitment compared to demi- or semi-permanent shades. While they can leave a stronger regrowth line near the root, they’re perfect for red ombre or balayage styles. If you prefer lower maintenance, go for a demi-permanent colour. It fades true-to-tone, resulting in a soft and gradual change.

**2. Invest in a colour -Protecting Shampoo:**
The right shampoo is pivotal in any color care routine. You need a formula that not only protects your color but also cleanses effectively while keeping your locks glossy. Try Aveda’s Colour Control colour Protection Shampoo, which not only purifies the scalp but also preserves the radiance of your red hue. With optimized pH levels, this formula closes the cuticle after cleansing, enhancing colour retention. It’s available in two editions, catering to both coarse and fine/normal hair. It’s a simple lather and rinse process for effortless at-home nourishment. For long, damaged, or frequently styled locks, consider Aveda’s Botanical Repair for extra nourishment and antioxidant-infused protection. Focus on cleansing the scalp and roots, and the gentle lather will handle the mid-lengths and ends.

**3. Adjust Water Temperature:**
When washing your hair, use lukewarm water. Hot water can open the hair cuticles, allowing red pigments to escape. Rinsing with cooler water not only safeguards your coloured strands but also conserves energy, contributing to a kinder planet.

**4. Apply a Moisturizing Conditioner:**
Red hair needs ample moisture for that coveted shine. Hydrated hair amplifies the gloss of your copper or scarlet tones. Try Aveda’s colour control Conditioner, which partners with the shampoo to boost luster. For hair in need of extra attention, the Botanical Repair Mask adds shine and strength, thanks to its botanical repair bonding agent. Instead of squeezing water out of your hair, use a towel to absorb moisture, leaving your locks damp, not soaking wet. This allows the conditioner to penetrate each strand more deeply, significantly improving hydration levels.

**5. Embrace Colour -Depositing Masks:**
Color-depositing masks are a powerhouse when it comes to rejuvenating your red hues. These at-home treatments drape your strands in a foolproof hint of tint that even color newbies can master. While they can’t replace professional coloring, they work wonders in keeping your red shades looking fresh between salon appointments.

**6. Defend Your Red Hair from Heat:**
Few things can diminish the vibrancy of your red mane faster than heat, whether it’s from the sun or styling tools. Ensure your kit is stocked with the right protective products to safeguard your shade for an extended period. Protect your locks from harmful UV rays by misting them with Heat Relief Sun UV Protection Spray, essentially SPF for your hair. It creates a lightweight shield without compromising your style. During the summer, you can also play with scarves and hats to shield your hair from sun exposure. If you’re a fan of straighteners or curling tongs, make sure to prep your strands with Aveda Heat Relief. Use it on damp hair before blow-drying and on dry hair before styling. This versatile product not only shields your hair from temperatures up to 220 degrees but also infuses a touch of glossy shine.

**7. Opt for a Glossing Service:**
For a professional touch, consider a glossing service between your color appointments. It’s a swift method to refresh your tint and takes no longer than a lunch break. Yes, seriously! Your colorist blends a bit of your desired shade with a developer and conditioning treatment, applying it over your existing color. After just 10 minutes of development time – as promised, it’s quick – your hair is washed and styled. The result? Banished brassiness, and your red hue appears instantly brighter.

**Ready to Refresh Your Vibrant Copper Hair?**

Now that you’re armed with these expert tips on maintaining your captivating copper hair at home, it’s time to put them into action. The key to keeping that fiery hue alive is in your hands.

But if you’re craving that professional touch, the perfect shade, and the assurance of leaving with a red hue that’s nothing short of spectacular, then it’s time to book your next appointment with Salon La Reine. Our seasoned colorists are here to provide you with the finest in colourcare and expertise. We’re passionate about making your red hair journey as vibrant and radiant as you desire.

So, let’s bring that red hue back to life, ensuring it remains as stunning as ever. Book your appointment with Salon La Reine today and let your fiery copper hair shine like never before. We can’t wait to see you and work our magic on your gorgeous locks.


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