Can You Get Hair Extensions When Your Hair Is Damaged?

hair extensions damaged hair

When you make the decision to have hair extensions, it’s usually because you’re not happy with the length or thickness of your natural hair, or you’ve had a drastic hair cut that you’re now regretting. But what about when you want hair extensions but your hair is damaged?

If your hair is very damaged, you need to discuss this with your stylist because your hair might not be suitable for extensions.

Why is damaged hair not suitable for hair extensions?

Most of us have some hair damage, whether it’s from too much heat styling or chemical processing, and this doesn’t mean you can’t have hair extensions, it just depends on the extent of the damage. Very damaged hair may be too weak to take the weight of hair extensions.

Your priority needs to be improving the condition of your hair

Any extreme uses of heat styling or over-bleaching can really weaken the hair and cause breakage and damage to its structure. The best thing to do in this case is to work on getting your hair in better condition before you consider hair extensions.

We have Olaplex in salon, and it’s amazing for hair that needs rebuilding from within. It rebuilds broken bonds and leaves it strong, shiny, and primed for healthy new hair growth.

Otherwise, don’t use heat styling on it for a while and use a deep conditioning mask at least once per week to add nourish the hair and add moisture.

Hair extensions are a commitment

Hair extensions do take a lot of looking after, and I will always explain what’s involved in the aftercare at your consultation. Ask me as many questions as you need to before you commit so that you can a) keep your extensions looking amazing for longer, and b) ensure that you’re able to keep your natural hair nice and healthy while you’re wearing extensions.

Don’t go cheap!

When they’re fitted properly, hair extensions should not damage your natural hair, though I have seen a few cases where extensions have been very badly fitted and the hair has been left damaged. It goes without saying that you should always go to a qualified and experienced professional to have your extensions fitted, not someone who’s offering the cheapest price on Facebook. I’ve had to re-do my fair share of botched extensions, and believe me, going cheap is not worth the health of your hair!

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