Unlock Your Dream Hair with Professional Extensions at Salon La Reine

Are you yearning for hair that’s longer, thicker, and simply magnificent? Our professional extensions offer a semi-permanent solution to achieve the hair of your dreams. Professionally applied and correctly cared for, these extensions provide stunning results without causing damage. With over a decade of leadership in the hair extension industry, Salon La Reine has transformed professional hair extensions. Our extensive range caters to all hair types and concerns, ensuring accessibility for everyone. Dive into our comprehensive guide to explore everything you need to know!

**What Are Professional Hair Extensions?**
Professional hair extensions are semi-permanent extensions that add fullness and thickness to your natural hair without causing damage. These extensions can address a variety of hair concerns, including adding color, length, and volume.

**Discover Salon La Reine Professional Extensions**
Salon La Reine professional extensions consist of 100% Remy (cuticle correct) human hair, which can be applied in-salon by our certified professionals. With different types, a wide range of lengths, and over 40 color options, there’s an extension for everyone. When properly cared for, these extensions can last between 6-12 months, with recommended maintenance every 6-12 weeks, depending on the method. Our professional extensions are beloved by celebrities and influencers, having earned numerous awards. Discover the right professional method for you.

**Exploring Different Extension Types**
There are several professional hair extension methods suitable for various hair types and goals. Here, we delve into the details of each:

**Weft Extensions:** Wefts provide ultimate thickness and are considered a low-maintenance method, perfect for medium to thick hair types. No heat or glue is used in the application process, and they come in a range of weights and lengths.

**Stick Tip Extensions:** Using micro ring application, these extensions are ideal for thick hair and are available in lengths from 18” to 24”.

**Flat Tip Extensions:** Offering durability for up to 3 months, flat tips use a special Keratin bond. Maintenance appointments are typically needed every 8-10 weeks.

**NanoBond Extensions:** Suitable for all hair types, Nanobonds are applied with the smallest nano rings and blend seamlessly into the hair. Ideal for upstyling and available in lengths from 18” to 24”.

**Tape Extensions:** Tapes are a popular choice due to their quick application. We offer two types, Slimline® Tapes and Invisi® Tapes, with various colors and lengths from 14” to 28”. They can be used for highlights, fillers, volume, and thickness. Maintenance is recommended every 6-8 weeks.

**Maintaining Your Extensions**
The lifespan of your professional extensions depends on aftercare and maintenance. Regular maintenance appointments are vital for keeping your extensions looking their best, allowing for assessments and readjustments. Proper care, aftercare products, and brushing techniques are crucial for long-lasting extensions. We recommend using the Salon La Reine aftercare range, exclusively designed for our extensions.

At Salon La Reine, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your dream hair. Contact us today to start your journey to stunning, long-lasting results with professional extensions from Salon La Reine.


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