Unveiling the Magic of 6D Hair Extensions at Salon La Reine

Have you heard about 6D hair extensions? Contrary to being just a type, it’s a revolutionary method where tiny strands are loaded into an extension tool, creating seamless, natural-looking extensions. At Salon La Reine, we’re introducing the 6D extension method – a swift installation process that takes only about an hour for a full head.

This innovative technique involves applying several hair strands simultaneously without the use of tapes, chemicals, or clips. Instead, a specialized ‘gun’ loaded with glue-tipped human hair ensures a secure bond that’s practically invisible to the eye. The beauty of 6D extensions lies in their simplicity – no tape, no glue, and no heat. The process involves gentle pressure, providing a worry-free experience for up to three months (varies based on hair growth speed).

Say goodbye to lengthy appointments and hello to the convenience of 6D extensions. If you’re new to Salon La Reine or tired of spending hours in the salon chair, this might be a game-changer for you. Contact us at Salon La Reine for a consultation, and let’s make your dream hair a reality in under an hour! 💫


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