How to Get a Salon Style Blow Dry-Without the Damage

woman with blow dried hair

Letting your hair dry naturally is the best way to avoid damage, but if you use the right products, tools, and technique, there’s no reason why you can’t get great results without damaging your hair. Here’s how to get a salon style blow dry without the damage.

What you’ll need

Hair dryer

Barrel brush

Blow drying clips

Step one: Wash your hair

You can use your normal shampoo, but preferably use a moisturising formula, as any injection of moisture will protect your hair from the effects of blow drying and replenish the hair. Make sure shampoos and conditioners are thoroughly rinsed out as product build up, especially at the roots of the hair can make it look greasy and limp.

Step two: Towel dry the hair

Don’t rub your hair which can contribute to frizz, wrap the towel around the hair and blot the excess moisture out.

Step three: Separate the hair into sections

Separating the hair into 4 to 6 sections is ideal. Use clips, and make sure the hair isn’t tangled.

Step four: Start blow drying

hairdresser blowdrying hair

Start at the roots, around 6 inches away from the scalp. Use a barrel brush and always angle the hairdryer downwards as this will create a smooth finish. Work through the sections and don’t focus heat on any one area for too long as it can damage the hair.

Step five: Blast your hair with cool air

This will help to lock in shine. Apply some serum or hair oil sparingly to tame fly away hairs and add some lustre. Voila, beautiful blow dried hair!

So that’s the technique, but how do you take your blow dry to the next level? These tips might even make you give up your salon blow dry habit…maybe.

Treat the hair with a mask, before you start

If your hair is already dry, blow drying it with high heat is going to leave it looking and feeling parched. Treat it with a mask beforehand, and you’ll get the smooth and shiny finish that you want.

Use a heat protector

You’ll notice every salon does this to protect your hair from the heat, and if you want a gorgeous blow dry minus the damage, so should you!

Use a hair oil

If you have fine, flyaway, dry or frizzy hair, use a hair oil before and after your blow dry to make it more manageable and give it a healthy shine. Work a few drops of oil through the lengths and ends of the hair when it’s damp and apply a small amount to the ends when you have finished styling the hair.

Use a thickening spray for volume

If you want your hair to have a whole lot of extra body, spray a thickening spray onto damp hair. There are some great products on the market which will help boost volume without weighing fine hair down.

Let the hair dry a little first

If you wait until your hair’s about 70% dry before you pick up your hairdryer, you’re going to prevent a whole lot of damage and save yourself some precious time.

Inject some lift into your roots

A big bouncy blow dry needs volume at the roots. When you’re drying the hair, create some height at the crown by keeping the brush as close to the roots as you can, and pulling your hair upwards as you dry.

Make your blow dry last with a lotion

Using a blow dry lotion will make your blow dry last a few extra days by encouraging it to stay in the style you created.

Maintain your blow dry as you sleep

Twist the hair into a loose bun and use a gentle grip to pin it into place. Your hair should keep its shape and volume once you let it down in the morning.

Sleep on a silk pillow case

Cotton pillow cases can cause friction and create frizz and hair damage. Sleeping on a silk pillow case will help keep your ‘do smooth overnight so it still looks amazing when you wake up.

My insider tip:

blow dry products

I LOVE the Redken Glow Dry range, whatever your hair type and texture, there’s a product for you that will take your blow dry to the next level.

We hope these tips helped and that you give a blow dry a go, but if you still aren’t confident, visit us at Salon La Reine Bristol for the very best hair treatments and service.


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