Pimp Your Blow Dry with Glow Dry

sleek blow dry with glow dry products

So in my last blog, I raved a little bit about one of my favourite product ranges, Diamond Oil Glow Dry by Redken. This amazing range preps the hair for blow drying, reduces drying time, and takes your blow dry to the next level. These products will give you salon-worthy, healthy and shiny hair. What’s even better is that they are suitable for any hair type, including coloured hair. Here’s how to pimp your blow dry with Glow Dry!

How to get the best out of the Glow Dry range

The full Glow Dry experience includes 3 steps, designed to prepare your hair for blow drying, and reducing the time your hair has to be exposed to the heat of the hairdryer. This is the biggest advantage of this range; the less your hair is exposed to the heat, the less potential there is for damage. Damaged hair is not healthy hair, it looks and feels dry and dull, and it does not hold on to colour half as well.

Follow these 3 steps for the best blow dry ever:

slwwk blow dry wiht glow dry products

Step 1: Use the Glow Dry Gloss Scrub

The moisturising scrub with argan shells gently exfoliates the hair and scalp to remove the build up of products, dead skin, and impurities-basically it takes away anything that might dull its beautiful shine.

To use the scrub, rinse your hair and apply to the scrub before you shampoo. Work it well into the hair for a minute or two then rinse well.

Step 2: Use the Glow Dry Gloss Shampoo

This shampoo prepares the hair for blow drying, and leaves it feeling hydrated, nourished and shiny. It’s a clear gel formula, enriched with oils, and it has a very subtle rose scent. Massage it into the hair as normal and rinse well.

Step 3: Use the Glow Dry Detangling Conditioner

The conditioner hydrates the hair without weighing it down or making it look like it’s been coated with something. Once you’ve applied it to the hair, work it into the lengths and ends, then rinse it out. Now you’re ready to blow dry.

After using these products, you should find that your hair looks smooth, shiny, and nourished, and for you ladies with coloured hair, you’ll be pleased to see that the products have not affected it at all.

Many clients complain that they can never blow dry their hair the same way as their hairdresser does, but with amazing products like this, and a few tweaks to your technique, there’s no reason why you can’t look like you just stepped out of a salon.

Sleek blow dry with glow dry

For more information on the Glow Dry range, click here


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