How to Revive Your Post-Holiday Hair

women on beach wearing hat with post holiday hair

So you’ve had a gorgeous relaxing break in the sun. You have an amazing tan and you feel refreshed, but you look in the mirror and catch sight of your hair. It looks dry and frazzled thanks to plenty of sun exposure and chlorine from the pool, and it’s in desperate need of help. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some tips on how to restore your locks to their former glory. Here’s how to revive your post-holiday hair.

Give it a good cleanse

Get rid of any traces of chlorine and other impurities with a clarifying shampoo.

Hydrate it

Use a deep conditioner and mask to rehydrate your parched locks, really focusing on the dry ends. Try and avoid heat styling for a while and embrace your hair’s natural texture.

Have an Olaplex treatment in salon

If your hair looks and feels dry and brittle, it needs some intensive care in the form of Olaplex. It’s an amazing treatment that I’ve raved about many times on the blog now and for good reason. It rebuilds your hair’s broken bonds and nourishes and strengthens it from the inside out. Olaplex will give you your strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair yet.

Have a trim

Getting a trim will remove any dry, split ends that have been caused by excessive sun or chlorine exposure. No amount of conditioning can make your hair look as healthy as it does when you’ve had a fresh trim.

Revamp or correct your colour

Does your hair look dull after you’ve spent countless hours in the sun? Whether you want to make your dark locks look richer or you want your blonde more sun-kissed and glowy, book in and I’ll help brighten up your look.

A common problem with blonde hair is that is can look brassy after you’ve spent time in the sun. A toner can help neutralise any brassy tallow or orange tones and restore your beautiful blonde shade. Purple shampoo is great for neutralising brassy tones in blonde hair.

Do you need help restoring your hair to its former glory after a holiday in the sun? Get in touch to find out what we can do to help!



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