Why You Should Switch to More Natural Haircare Products

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If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that the salon recently became an Aveda Concept salon. This means we’ll be using eco-friendly products which are kinder to my skin and gentler on my clients’ scalps.

Why organic and natural hair care is becoming more popular

Organic hair care that’s made from natural ingredients is becoming much more popular mainly because people are becoming much more aware of how many chemicals they are putting on and into their bodies on a daily basis. People with eczema, allergies, and other skin issues are switching to more natural products too as there’s far less chance of ingredients causing an unpleasant flare up.

Another reason why people are thinking about exactly what’s in the products their using is because they’re becoming more concerned about the environment. They’re starting to think about the chemical nasties that they are washing down the plughole and the damage it might be causing.

Kinder to your hair

Let’s face it, all of these are great reasons to switch to organic products, but if your hair is your crowning glory, or it’s damaged, switching to gentler products is far better for your hair. Take away the nasties like sulphates and parabens and you’ll be left with a product that will nourish your hair and add strength and shine, rather than stripping away natural oils, causing damage, and leaving it looking and feeling like straw.

So with the demand for more natural haircare products, manufacturers have taken note, and they’ve started developing innovative alternatives to the synthetic chemical formulas. They’ve created natural conditioners, natural alternatives to silicone, natural styling products, clarifying shampoos, you name it.

Natural products are just as effective

Plant-based products like the Aveda range we use have great benefits for every hair type, and this is backed by science.

If you’re sceptical and think that natural products can’t possible work as well as synthetic products, think about this; is the fact you need to use so many products down to the damage that’s already been done to your hair by chemical-laden products? If your hair is dry, frizzy, or it’s prone to breakage, this is probably the case.

If you’re willing to put aside what you find a little strange about the more natural products, like the fact that they tend not to foam so much, you’ll see that they’re just as effective. We equate more foam with the hair being cleaner, but that’s not the case. With natural shampoos, use half the amount you normally would, but wash the hair twice, making sure you use a lot of water and massage it well into the scalp to get a lather going.

Do you have dry or damaged hair? Do you have skin issues or allergies which flare up when you expose your skin to certain ingredients? Try our gentle eco-friendly Aveda haircare range in salon and see and feel the difference for yourself.


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