Why Hair Gets Thinner As You Age (And What You Can Do About It)

hair thinning

As you get older, your hair can become drier, thinner, and less glossy. Ageing plays a big part in this, as does damage from pollution, chemical treatments, and heat styling, as well as stress and poor diet. In this blog, we’re going to look at why the hair gets thinner as you age and what you can do about it.

Why your hair thins as you age

Hair shedding accelerates while hair growth slows down

It’s normal to shed around 100 hairs every day, but as you get older, this speeds up, making the hair look thinner, especially at the crown. Hair growth also slows and hair follicles shrink, and they can even stop producing hairs completely.

The menopause

The hormone oestrogen stimulates the growth of healthy hair, and as oestrogen levels fall during and after menopause, hair loss can occur.

The body is less efficient at processing important nutrients

As you get older, the body processes some nutrients less efficiently, including iron, which is needed for healthy hair. Iron is needed for healthy red blood cells which carry oxygenated blood to the scalp and hair follicles, so iron defiency can cause thin hair that lacks lustre.

What can you do about thinning hair?

It might seem like your body is working against you, but no need to worry, we can help! If you’re suffering from hair thinning or loss, there are several ways we can help restore your hair and your confidence.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions can restore hair volume, and for fine or thinning hair, we can use a fitting method that puts the least amount of stress on your locks. You don’t necessarily need a full head of extensions either, they can be strategically used to add volume only where it’s needed. It’s worth being aware that if you have considerable hair loss and your natural hair is not strong, hair extensions might be suitable, in which case we would discuss your next option, a hair system.

Hair systems

There are several options available, from a micro parting to disguise thinning at the parting, to a topper to cover thinning at the parting and/or temples, and a full hair system if your hair loss is extensive.

Nioxin product range

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and our Nioxin Scalp Renew treatment boosts the health of your scalp by unclogging your hair follicles of oils, dead skin, and debris so healthy hair can grow. Think of it as a facial for your scalp. Healthy beautiful hair grows from strong foundations.

Are you worried about hair thinning or loss?

We can help! Contact us to find out more about hair extensions, hair replacement systems, and hair strengthening products and let us help you restore your hair back to health.




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