The Right Way to Care for Blonde Colour-Treated Hair

how to take care of blonde colour treated hair

Do you look at blondes on Instagram and wonder how their coloured hair looks so effortlessly gorgeous, healthy, and shiny, especially if you’ve just gone blonde or been blonde for years, and your tresses look and feel like straw? But the truth is, looking after blonde hair properly is anything but effortless. It takes a lot of work. Here are my tips on the right way to care for blonde colour-treated hair.

Use products specifically made for use on blonde hair

When you go blonde, using any old shampoo won’t do. You need to use products made for use on blonde hair because they’ll be gentle and hydrating, and they’ll tone down any brassiness.

Use a nourishing mask weekly

Using a mask specifically for blonde, colour-treated hair will provide some much-needed hydration and will help balance out any brassy tones. Apply the mask after you shampoo, leave it on for the suggested time, and rinse it out thoroughly.

Take a break from heat styling every now and again

If your hair is colour-treated, it’s a good idea to minimise the damage it’s subjected to when you style it, so let your hair dry naturally and ditch the straighteners every now and again. Letting your hair dry naturally doesn’t mean it can’t look nice though. Try spritzing your hair with wave spray and braiding it when it’s damp. when you undo it, you’ll have lovely waves with no heat styling needed!

Protect your colour if you’re in the sun

The sun’s UV rays can cause colour to fade, and that’s the last thing you want if you’ve invested a lot of time and money into achieving your perfect blonde shade. If you’re going on holiday, or you’re going to be spending a lot of time out in the sun in general, wear leave-in protecting conditioners or invest in a hat to protect your tresses from fading and drying out.

Touch up your roots temporarily with a spray

If you don’t have time to go to the salon for a root touch-up to cover any grey hairs that are sprouting through, you can buy sprays that come in different blonde shades so you can cover any grey at least until the next time you shampoo.

Make sure you find a great colourist

If your hair has a long way to go before it’s your dream shade of blonde, it’s so important to find an experienced and professional colourist that will tell you realistically what shade you can achieve, how long it will take you to get there, and who’ll look after the health of your hair as much as possible the whole time.




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