Why Moisture and Protein are the Key to Healthy Hair

moisture protein healthy hair

Moisture and protein are very important to the overall health and quality of your hair. While Olaplex can repair the hair’s broken bonds and strengthen it from the inside, it does not add moisture or protein to the hair.

Why is moisture important for hair health?

When you have your hair chemically treated or you heat style it, you’re causing both internal and external damage, and the hair can lose moisture. Olaplex addresses any internal damage but you need to look after the external part of the hair too. When the hair is damaged it can become dry and brittle, and in serious need of hydration.

No matter what type of hair you have, moisture is the key to keeping it healthy. Dry, dehydrated hair leads to split ends, faded colour, and breakage; in fact, dryness is behind most hair issues.

Does your hair need moisture?

Here’s how to check if your hair is in need of moisture. Take a strand of your hair and wet it with water. Stretch it lightly and see whether it returns to its normal length without breaking. If your hair doesn’t stretch, it’s probably in need of moisture.

How to add moisture to your hair

If you have fine hair, use a deep conditioning treatment once per week and avoid the roots. Thicker hair is a little bit harder to keep hydrated as it will most likely drink up everything you put on it. Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, and consider using a moisturising hair masque or leave-in conditioner.

Why is protein important for hair health?

Hair is made from protein like keratin that helps to keep it healthy and strong. When the hair needs protein it can look lifeless and limp. Protein treatments will help to reconstruct and strengthen your hair strands so your hair looks healthy, strong, and shiny.

Does your hair need protein?

Try the strand test again; wet a strand of your hair and stretch it lightly. See whether it returns to its natural length without breaking. If it stretches too far and breaks, your hair probably needs protein.

How to treat your hair with protein

Talk to your hairstylist to find a protein treatment that’s right for you. When you’re thinking about hair products, choose products with plant proteins which help the hair to absorb moisture. Having a protein treatment before you get your colour done is also a good idea, as it will make your hair a strong and healthy canvas for your new shade.

Do you want to know more about how you can add moisture and protein to your hair? Ask me next time you’re in the salon!














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