Everything You Need to Know About Nano Tip Hair Extensions

nano tip hair extension fitting

Nano tip extensions are one of the newer hair extension fitting methods which have quickly become popular because they’re much smaller than micro rings, they’re comfortable, and they’re less visible than other types of extensions-people might not even know that you’re wearing them!

What are Nano tip hair extensions made of?

Sometimes metal tips are used but many extensionists use acrylic tips which are more flexible and a lot more comfortable to wear. Some people have allergies to metals so acrylic tips are good news for people who can’t wear metal Nano tips.

How are Nano tip hair extensions fitted?

Nano tip hair extensions are threaded through a Nano ring which is secured to your natural hair with small pliers that clamp them into place. To remove the extensions, your stylist will squeeze the Nano ring open and slide the hair extensions out.

What is the difference between Micro rings and Nano rings?

The main difference  between the rings is their size. The fitting technique is virtually identical. Because of the size difference, Nano rings can only be used with Nano tip extensions.

Always choose a qualified and experienced extensionist

Don’t put your hair in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or you risk hair damage or even problems like bald patches. A qualified and experienced professional can assess the condition of your hair before, during and after you have extensions and advise you on the best fitting method for your particular type of hair. The most important thing a good extensionist will do is advise you on how to keep your hair healthy, including telling you if you need a break from having extensions.

Nano tip hair extensions trouble shooting

If you haven’t had hair extensions before, it can feel strange to have them at first and even a little uncomfortable. This should settle down as you get used to them but if it doesn’t there are things I can do like loosen them for you.

nano tip hair extensions result

The finished result!


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