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Is Going Sulphate-Free Better for Coloured Hair?

Every now and again, a hair care or skincare ingredient becomes public enemy number one, and in recent years, it has been sulphates. You’ve probably seen more and more sulphate-free shampoos appearing on the shelves, but is going sulphate-free better for coloured hair? Are sulphates

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How to Reduce Hair Breakage from Colouring

Any kind of chemical processing can damage the hair, and colouring is no exception. Repeated colouring can leave the hair dry and brittle, so growing it can be a challenge. If your hair is getting near the length you really want it, you might be

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Should I Opt for Ammonia-Free Hair Colour?

We are more aware than ever of the effects of harsh ingredients on our hair and skin, so we want to know what’s in the products we use. Hair products are no exception. But what’s good for our hair and what’s not? There’s a lot of

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Why a Patch Test is Non-Negotiable

As someone who experiences severe skin reactions to hair dyes, let me tell you, patch tests can save you a lot of discomfort. In some cases, they can even save your life. I know you can’t wait to have your colour done after lockdown and

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How to Choose Your Hair Topper Colour

As well as choosing the right base and size topper for you, you also need it to match your hair colour as closely as possible. Some shades can be quite tough to match, so sometimes choosing the right colour topper can be a little tricky.

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Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter!

Well we’ve almost made it through 2020 and it’s been a strange one to say the least. While it hasn’t been business as usual for much of the year, I’ve still been busy behind the scenes and planning on how I can offer all of

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